Importance of YouTube Channel Subscriptions

ExtraSensory.News currently (as of Nov 19, 2016) has over 640 subscriptions to various channels on Youtube and highly recommend that if you are using Youtube to become a subscriber and support the content creators there. We list a small sample of those subscriptions on the right hand side of this website that we believe are outstanding and many of them post often with real news that allows you to embed those videos on your website or blog.

It would be impossible to post them all here as today almost everyone has a Youtube channel. I also have one with several playlist here, but do not currently upload videos. This may change soon.

Below again is our current top 50 list you may copy and use with our top 10 marked with an asterisk.

X22Report Spotlight
*TruthStream Media
*Thunderbolts Project
Teal Swan
Storm Clouds Gathering
Stefan Molyneux
*South Front
*SOTT Media
SGT Report
Russia Insider

RT America
Ron Paul Liberty Report
Project Veritas Action
Project Camelot
Press for Truth
Mint Press News
Leak Project
Larken Rose
Ken O'Keefe
John Pilger
Jerry Kroth
Jeffrey Jaxen Update
In The Now
*Greg Hunter
Gerald Celente
Enter The Buzzsaw
*Empire Files
David Icke
Corbett Report
*Boiling Frogs Post - Newsbud
Ben Swann
Activist Post

With the recent updates to Youtube's troll enterprise, one does wonder about alternative news availability in the future. This is why it is important to subscribe to these channels and keep a focus on subscriptions at Youtube to entice them to keep this service available. You'll notice now the only way to get to your subscription list is a link at the top of the listed display next to Trending (this is useless and many complained about it when it originally was instituted) to manipulate you into thinking which is more important. The truth is your subscription are way more important as they are chosen by you as preferences to watch which then encourages you to actually learn something from what you are doing. These are accessed by the red link on the left of the page.

Youtube has little by little attempted to move you away from creating subscriptions which then opens the door for you to engage autosleep in the media. But that is not what media is about even though nearly the entire mainstream media institutions are engaged in including Youtube.

What worries them is the sea change coming of which you should already be aware of, and it looks like RT is leading the way. It obviously cost of a lot of time and money to become the news of the future, and others are beginning to latch onto this sea change in order to take a position on the front line of human communication in the future, a place where everyone goes to find out the latest of what's happening. Some who are capable of video information are leading the way, but that is all changing rapidly. Fifty years from now there will be no MSM unless they get their way in censorship. This is now beginning to surface with the recent fake news ploy, where stupid people will serve as the scapegoat of censorship of real news, and news that does not toe the line of acceptable propaganda.

One of the most important weapons you have is to create lists and share those lists with others. It is recommended that everyone do this vigorously and immediately before it is too late.

R. Mark Sink
Editor: ExtraSensory.News

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