July 29, 2016

Host Signature: The understanding of freedom may become out of balance with knowledge, thus a xenomorph is developed from knowledge becoming the stranger. See root etymology: ghos-ti- spectrum matching. Also, those who take positions off-center experience this either through regression, when freedom is more powerful in this case, or regression when knowledge is more powerful, while the opposite learns and advances from the experience. As with today, knowledge is in regression and may continue to regress if those who claim (the left) are allowed to continue in power. As we can see, those who claim (the right) are advancing and infiltration the regression while those (left) are infiltrating the advancement of freedom. The continuation of the xenomorph complexity is unclear.

Feb 4, 2016

Current Reading Feb 4, 2016

Touch: HEC- Balance begins when one realizes the senses are driven by external influences they had not recognized. More simply, one's words, feelings, and thoughts had been programs installed, while real thoughts, feelings, and words had not been available.

Sound: HMC- Exposing program recognition exposes false images as disinformation representations.

Breath: MC- Awareness and balance may be achieved through these internal exercises.

Sight: LAC- Imitative or false self-images manifest without persistent reexamination analysis of the other which may not have been seen. The feelings of two begin the creation of new "I's," (example: narcissism) and additional others. A characteristic of these may falsify or ignore factual affirmations, while denying phantom programs that are running.

Taste: LEC- Factual affirmations (even unpleasant) critically part of work (examples: bad weather; conspiracy, ptsd, etc.) These help to balance emotions that may cross over dimensions trapping participants in false realities.

Note: I've picked at Gurdjieff's brain about emotions. We see what is happening with the news, and especially the affirmation process which is destroyed. If society is to survive, then it is the people who should determine the value of knowledge and do so from sources of integrity. However, that is not happening enough, thus, the others are created. They want to control thought as their reason is to hide truth and this exposes their lies. Most people are not aware of this because they have not seen their "other," and have not realized their thoughts, feeling, and words, are not their own. I've made this as to be useful to anyone interested in working on the self.


Jan 26, 2016

Current Reading Jan 26, 2016:

Touch: HEC- Recognition of various types of perception methods requires understanding emotions are never indifferent

Sound: HMC- categorized feelings where thoughts never occurred; interconnection work not realized

Breath: MC- Ordinary conditions do not allow change or improvement; functions strive for inertia preventing activation

Sight: LAC- Assumes sensations are thoughts; higher intellectual center possessed

Taste: LEC- Complete examination must begin to obtain a higher knowledge base in association with all centers

Note: You're welcome to study this, it is posted here as part of the work. Reference previous post for abbreviations.


Jan 17, 2016

Current Reading Jan 17, 2016: 

Touch: Higher emotional center destroyed by media hysteria (Physical element absent organic cause)

Sound: Higher mental center lacks clear consciousness through restricted possession, obsessive passive censorship

Breath: Active [magnetic center] polluted by chemical synthetics (Possible s2 cover: [climate change; metaphor] helps to prevent activation)

Sight: Lower astral center pacified by [wicked] natures blocking empathic resonance; replicants forming

Taste: Lower emotional center incest (forbidden connections to higher centers; Hades) blocking [seer], ancestor clairvoyant inception

Note: Right after last post the site was hammered, about a week after the 9/11 anniversary. Then, I had to go do some work, so everything got set back. Am attempting to start readings on primary sensory analects based on a revised philosophical teleology. Am motivated to return to book reviews.


Sep 6, 2015

Here's a primer for propaganda in the midst of this journey. Between the Lines ➤ Edward Bernay's "PROPAGANDA" - The obsessions with interchangeability and for now I feel a little more focused. Will update soon.


Aug 11, 2015

A review is now posted titled, Between the Lines ➤ Exposing The Sense-making Machinery in Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow" . I am unable to get a copy of Jerry Kroth's "Duped," at this time, I need a device I don't have, and I am waiting for Barnes and Noble to fix their screwy website where they say they do not know when they will fix it, but took my money anyway. I have a copy of Sharyl Attkisson's "Stonewalled," in which I am exploring now, and researching her TEDx talk references.


July 20, 2015

Here at ExtraSensory.News we are working on moving forward and here is what is currently taking place as of July 2015. Since the posting on Jerry Kroth has become so popular, I have put together an outline of his video with some notes that I made upon studying his presentation.

1. Reframing (system 2?)
[Newspeak: nice on bad, euphemisms, deceptive sounding congressional acts,
NAFTA, TPP, Globalization, Free Trade, Job Creators, Collateral Damage, Enhanced Interrogation]

2. Repeated affirmations (system 1?) auditor (group think; fast)
[ Pundits Lying, Talking Points, Delusion of War, False Substantiation, 2+2=5, TV, High Volume, Trancing, Repression and Denial]

3. Vicarious/imitative learning (Hegelian dialectics?)
[Mirror Neurons, Positive or Negative, Sexual Inclination, Racial Stimulation, S1 Bullies, Ghost False Narratives, Film Productions, Behavior Reinforcement, Corporatized Hip Hop, False Emulations, Offsetting Metathemes, Disruptive Stigmatization]
4. Distraction and Denial (astral influencing ego nomen object?)
[True Reputation not disclosed, New Age, Addictive False Influences, Puppet Masters, Corporate Driven Racism, News Omissions, News Distractions, Truth Doesn't Sell, Selective Human Suffering Ignored, Media Corporate Propaganda hiding Accountability]

5. Classical and operant conditioning (materialism influencing intransitive verbs; drive; sleep?)
[Transfer or Glittering Generalities, Sycophantic Identifications, Corporate/Education Merging, Matrix Assimilation, Massive Killing Unnoticed, Inured Thought Processes, Role Modeling, Corporate Economic Exploitation, Fantasy Reality]

Am currently acquiring Jerry's book "Duped, and Daniel Kahneman's book, "Thinking Fast and Slow," as comparisons (in parenthesis) above have been noted for study. Also, Duncan MacMartin's article on psychopaths is a good reference for Daniel, and whatever Duncan has to offer. There are also other associations I am concerned with, more later.

That's where I'm at now, will move on this and at least produce an article or report.


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