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Do you like what you read here? Does it help you think? This isn't about getting traffic, it's about getting people to read your posts, and hopefully to learn what is actually happening. If you do, then that is considered a problem for what many now realize are those in power. If you're married to Twitter, or Facebook as well, you are given the [ILLUSION] that you can make a difference, while you are being herded like cattle. Our efforts are now being eliminated, and any chance of true justice depends on your personal will. You can keep this movement alive, however, we need your help. No one can stop you from donating and redirecting your inspiration into the hands of those who care most deeply about our outcome. It's up to you.

R. Mark Sink

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Our first year anniversary was Mar 8, 2016. Approximately 9000 articles have been posted with 3/4 million visitors.

The AdSense addition to ExtraSensory.News has not reached the $100 limit required to get paid. This began approximately mid 2015, and currently it looks like it will be 2017 before receiving any funds.

Update: Evil Google has stopped displaying our adsense now owing us approximately $85 and I assume getting this compensation is now impossible. There are many, many alternative websites that are still able to display their adsense ads, you have to ask the question, why is this website not able to do so, when they are still able to?