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It seems impossible to not know what our five senses are being used for. It has been learned that information must include an array of what we perceive as sensations for preception to occur, that is to say, so that we understand them in context to our environment. Alternative media authors are rapidly working out the kinks in this chain where feelings have been assumed and fed with useless sensational alterations. The truth however, is that these stigmas are not really sensations, they are powerful centers entwined in the octave of life.

Some are aware that the assumption of a left and a right as liberal and conservative are not what they seem. They provide the illusion that is used from our sensations that are dynamic in nature, known as touch and taste respectively. The complete corruption and mainstream media rhetoric of (replaced feelings) generated by false sensory assumption are exposed by those who work these centers for context, which enlightens new feelings necessary to reach objective consciousness. There is no other way to get there.

Beliefs stronger than truth are manifested by the array of assimilation, as our expressions are a result of our apparent individual sense awareness, and their present state of consciousness. Media attempts to install a sleeping state of consciousness on top of this, a historical fact of obvious propaganda presently occurring.

We are told that we touch, see, breathe, hear, and taste. We are not told these are part of a ray of creation, and they represent the social, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional states of consciousness once taught in colleges in America. Americans are instructed what to feel generated from this array. (original notes)

The control of our being, that which is our health, and our state of conscience if it exists, depend on our ability to interpret the preception of information assimilation occurring in the array. Without the contextual generation provided by alternative media for emphasis, and your participation in overview, an absence occurs for knowing the essential state of stigma in use.

An example of confusion that is portrayed is the belief that sensations are thoughts when they are actually asleep, and unaware of context pertaining to its properties of power. Feeling are corrupted. In truth, there is no left and right. Unaware of the essence portrayed as thought, when it is something else entirely, leaves one unable to grasp the truer nature exhibited and vulnerable to their seduction.

To overcome these obstacles placed in our path, we'll need to cleanse the array by addressing the psychopathological alterations implemented by those in power who abuse our capable perception.

About categories

The five categories listed are meant to help readers study analogies in relation to our five senses where two of our senses are outstanding in nature, touch and taste. These may be considered voluntary, while sight, breath, and sound are more involuntary.

These three senses can be made voluntary by closing our eyes or to stop breathing, and to plug our ears, but these are temporary in nature. Our touch and taste are constant, examples follow. The machine in man classifies these senses as basic functions, referring to the body and the mouth, however, when examining the concept touch, we immediately learn of presence, existence, and numerous concepts readily available in one's current language. The same goes for taste as a form of decoration, or human tendency to engage in the ego mind. Touch and taste are not machine functions, they are increasingly dynamic and intricately complex through assignment individually. They will always be different for each experience.

As one begins, a human record is made of all exposure, and all that is partaken of, which includes all digestion. Signals are processed and read, as taught today, all is information, and this knowledge is passed on both within the environment, and with other beings. Emotions sit at the top of the array, and the perception that registers describes the signal portrayed, remembering the psychopaths' signal is corrupted and altered.

As learned from Eastern philosphy, emotions are never indifferent synonymous with unconcerned, incurious, detached, and signals thought to be unconcerned. When emotions are once defined, what is known as "feelings," this stands above the machine interpretations of sensations which can be indifferent, and seem ordinary. We are told that extra sensory preception describes one or more of the senses as not indifferent, an emotion as a sixth sense. However, that is slightly misleading, as emotions sit at the end of the array. ESP as it is understood would relay the positive force within that center as opposed to the negative force. [1]

There are five centers actively in most cases creating precepts for their innate features. If one is blind, one does not stop seeing, ideas form that portray a personal perspective. Who is to say, one does not hear when one is deaf? The machine calls breath smell, but it would be better to reference this as the physical center, or moving center. This way, one can properly interpret the dynamics available to the organism that are apparent.

The following exposes those who have used this array to fool you about the sensory world in which we live. They simply do this by manipulating what god has given you. If we use what is already known without endless competing concepts that can be portrayed, and apply Ockham's razor to the ray of creation below, then the reader can interpret the needless replications occurring which derides that sense perception.

Chart describing the Five Senses, and various known stigmas

 touch  sight  breath  sound  taste
 sexual  spiritual  physical  intellectual  emotional
 seed  water  earth  air  fire
 liberal  conservative
 left  right
 female  male
 anima  animus

Our feelings and thoughts work hand in hand to experience life. If our feelings are manipulated by altering our perceptions with euphemisms that portray new replications that imply falsity in their natures meant as replacements to what we feel, then we have been fooled. This is an aspect of this work that is further correlated to historical etymology practices as will be described. The adding of the word "seed," seems appropriate as a description of the tree of life.

In comparison to previous writers such as Gurdjieff's work, it is my understanding that it is similar, however, his work describes much more complexity associating mathematics and geometry in the creation of a magnetic center, and implies working on a different dimension of thinking. This work describes the relationships where our language has been set into a hierarchy of power to steal away our senses for other purposes and depriving them.

The gambit of potential is best described in the display of existing roots printed from the American Heritage Dictionary from 1996, 3rd Edition. There are several sets of agents that match the above bridge chart which just happen to be in sets of five strangely. When you observe the following roots with their primary meaning given in the Appendix, their existing stem relationship, and their numerical orders, an Exposé is presented for these very senses.

As is well understood, we all possess five senses, both females and males. Our colors and origins are unanimous, they encompass the entire house. Carl Jung taught us about anima and animus, of which rest within the array. An example is two concepts, one Pro-life, and one Pro-choice. Pro-life is an attraction to anima, while the other is attraction to animus, however, they may not realize the argument is within their own senses, of which each person contains, and operates under the same system, from the inner self of an individual, to the attitude of disposition.

To ignore that all life is precious in this very moment is sidestepping our ability to appreciate the life-force, and life processes that are sacred. The attractions disturb the force as women are attracted it seems to taste, and men attracted to touch.

The following roots represent a strong resemblance to our array of senses in matching sequence.

24. per1. preposition base (preverbs), forward; through; “in front of”, “before”, “near”, “at”, “around”
25. per2. to lead, pass over (verbal)
26. per3. to try, risk (verbal)
27. per4. to strike (verbal)
28. per5. to traffic in, sell (verbal)

After studying the contents of these agents, one begins to realize the truth. Their creation is based on the array of senses we now use. This is repeated with other roots. (Emphasis added)

25. wer-1. to raise, lift, hold suspended (touch-social)
26. wer-2. conventional base of Indo-European roots, to turn, bend, wind (sight-spirit)
27. wer-3. to perceive, watch out for (breath of life-physical)
28. wer-4. to cover (sound-intellectual)
29. wer-5. to speak (taste-emotion)

One remaining set exists with a total of five references.

14. pel-1. pale
15. pel-2. to fold
16. pel-3. skin, hide
17. pel-4. to sell
18. pel-5. to thrust, strike, drive

This last one in letter P hints strongly of the relationship between woman and man. They all follow the same theme, although their dynamics are enhanced, Ockham's razor applies. There are hundreds of words assigned to these agents, here are some. (Emphasis added)

24. per1. paradise (touch)
25. per2. comport - to bring together (sight; two eyes)
26. per3. experience (breath)
27. per4. impress (hearing; two ears)
27. per5. interpretation (taste)

There are many more examples too numerous to mention, and in most cases determine the five senses embedded within the structure. The agent Per4 gives us the word "press," and this is thought to be what we hear, however, that is only one aspect occurring. If one listens often enough to one aspect, one may begin to sleep and only hear what they want to hear, and entrap a negative aspect to that center.

The word "paradise," is a part of two roots, which is divided by suffix and prefix, the latter version describes the word "lady." Those who read and write are more aware of these notions, their use, and abuse. However, those that are told euphemistically of alterations as the notion of not god and god, are deceiving the masses.

Here is the last Indo-European root that is presented in a set of five. (Emphasis added)

25. wer-1. to raise, lift, hold suspended (touch-social)
26. wer-2. conventional base of Indo-European roots, to turn, bend, wind (sight-spirit)
27. wer-3. to perceive, watch out for (breath of life-physical)
28. wer-4. to cover (sound-intellectual)
29. wer-5. to speak (taste-emotion)

Here are sample selections from word list included.

25. wer-1. aura
26. wer-2. wrath
27. wer-3. rearward
28. wer-4. cover
29. wer-5. verb

[1] In Search of the Miraculous, The Teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff - The Classic Exploration of Eastern Religious Philosophy by P. D. Ouspensky

Some interesting analogies.
From the Gospel of Thomas
(22) Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom." They said to him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?" Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

Why the array exists as a verb, and why mankind is obsessed with its pseudomorph

As you have read above, and examined the nature of our senses, one learns of the specific placements of concepts that align to represent a historical analogue, a kind of yin and yang of our conscious. However, this also represents the art of substance and preposition where precepts reside.

To understand this better, let's examine two agents provided by the AHD and reanimated with all the words included with that agent, primary meaning, and Julius Pokorny notation.

23. 28-agnomen-anonymous-antonomasia-cognomen-denominate-eponym-euonymus-heterononymous-homonymous-ignominy-metonymy-metronymic-misnomer-moniker-name-nominal-nominate-nomenclator1-noun-onomastic-onomatopoeia1-onym-onymy-patronymic-praenomen-pseudonym-renoun-synonymous-et-nŏ-men- Name (nomenclator2 - kele-2-)  (onomatopoeia2 - kwei-2-) [Pokorny en(o)mn- 321, chapter]

The definition of "noun," states: A word that is used to name a person, place, thing, quality, or action that can function as the subject or object of a verb, the object of a preposition, or an appositive.

29. 7-adverb-irony-proverb-rhetor-verb-verse-word-et-wer-5- Also werə-. To speak [Pokorny 6. uer- 1162, memory]

The defintion of "verb," states: The part of speech that expresses existence, action, or occurrence in most languages. A secondary definition describes words used within that part of speech and gives several examples.

The apposition is described as a construction in which a noun or noun phrase is place with another as an explanatory equivalent, and this also describes why a noun is capable of existing. It is only capable based on these institutions of use where a "word," is also the essence of the "verb," and has a proximity to its structure.

Although cognomens do exist based on the memory of those who carry a preposition of a word placed before a substantive, and here, the substantive is real, as real as you, and individuals provide evidence for it.

So one sees that the cognomen is not what is real, it is rather a preposition in form for a substantive, and the substantive is each individual that retains the memory of "words," given to them from their ancestry.

What one can learn from these explanations is the truth, and that truth expresses the notion that nouns are not real, rather, it is the verb that is real. A better definition for "part of speech," may be consciousness, however, according to these etymologists and linguists, a noun is really the same as the praenomen, or first name of a given place, thing, quality, or action that functions (verb).

So in the confusion of ourselves, and everything around us that we describe for memory translation, we have lost the sacred knowledge of the word and its origin. I say this because of the obvious nature we now exist in, and the obsession with the isolation of the belief that the action represented by the nomenclature belongs only to those who acclaim it, when it is rather the expression that belongs, the noun is not real, and it is formulated from an array of feelings that have occurred.

As one studies the no-men agent, history provides evidence that many attempts have been made to deal with this problem which all seem to relay what happens when the verb is making a stand in the matter. Whether it be rhythm, sound, mathematics, the father, the mother, or just plain proverb, they all seems to say that we are suffixed to a form of consciousness, and we very often confuse that which is real, and that which is not, so much so that many are even obsessed with this simple fact.

There are those who defend the verb for its very essence, while there are those who despise those who do not see what they see where it is not believed a verb, rather it must be a noun that is acclaimed in a lukewarm fashion and conviction is thrown off.

We see wars that are considered in these ways, the conviction is handed off to others, while those who make the claims have not the fear of dying, and remain inured in their own illusions, yet millions are affected by these expressions that purvey a possession of ignominy defining their true reputation which is to "kill," a verb that describes a dysfunction.

Obsession with confusion most certainly has altered the possession of the noun and those who have tried to express a preanomen upon the the altar of consciousness we connect to as a means to distract away from the fact that the noun was really a verb, and the praenomen is the land which is destroyed in its name.

This wandering has been carried forward at your expense. Each of us is (are) responsible as the verb is with you.

April 3, 2015

Thoughts on our common senses and their supernatural origins

The essence of the verb is expressed by our involuntary senses, however what is real or substantive is described voluntarily in what we call namesakes, such as the adjective good.

The awkward battle between touch and taste has become a form of atrophy to describe the creation of the universe called the Big Bang. That is not necessarily true. The verb does not explode, and keep expanding, it is the noun that actually does this. Just look at history. The verb is always there, the noun is always being altered.

It is true that the noun is atrophic in nature, but this is because the understanding of the verb keeps changing.

Let's examine history creation. There can be several versions.

Noun creates noun and whalla, life? (More like a black hole which hides from the universe.)

Is this not entropic? In fact, is this not the definition of entropy? If we observe the root form it is described as "to turn," (trep-)1 so the idea that sun creates sun is invalid, rather, it is said to turn. I point this out because we are given religion, but it is not understood.

Recently, an article (see image above) revealed the essence of these notions occurring 3.3 million years ago, before any recorded human activity. What actually occurred is as follows.

Verb creates noun and whalla, tool.

So we see that the universe is much older than us, and so is life, and that the actual creation is a form, and this form is rooted in (ret-)2, and called control. Again, the universe is primarily verb, and the suns are nouns.

You know this to be true.

This is also called space and time where the definition of the verb: existence, action, and occurrence are respective.

Again, we see the action is there when the tool is created, but it is only a belief.

What happened to the noun as of today? Well it seems persons, places, and things needed sub atomic particle application, so action and quality were incorporated into the meaning as objective and subjective elements.

The question that comes to mind is this form holographic, that is to say, is our universe part of the properties and laws replicated infinitely? In that case, our existence is hyperdimensional rather than spatial.

The creation of a tool from stone describes how the universe affects our thinking. It is verbal. The thing becomes a verb to portray the universe as one. The spatial relationship is assumed.3

As it should be, it is to sing (verb) the song (noun). Of course, the song cannot be heard without the singing. It can only be a memory. It could be said then, that the suns are a form of memory. And this memory can be alive. Neurons firing.

If there are only testing of songs without singing, then the memory of how and why the songs were made is forsaken.

The idea is to sing in the tone of 4th density by using the adverbs, such as how, when, where, and why, from the root where quality resides. These are subjected to the song which becomes the pronouns, such as what and who.

You will notice that propaganda is sung in pronoun emphasis as a form of power to dissuade interpretation of the adverbs. It is almost as if they are supernatural, or hyper formed. This comes back to the fact the noun is illusion of the verb. A name does not tell you who someone is. What did you expect, an instruction sheet for the universe?

Well, that's what they tried to make to assist them in the deception presented. And it seems we're headed back to square one in created tools from rocks if this is not addressed and thoroughly debated, where "action," is a verb versus a noun. So, you like exploding universes, what do you do next?

Well, you create food that explodes. You create value that explodes. You literally sell explodes.

The Big Bang propaganda is in error. Today, when you touch upon these notions, you are immediately exploded. See what this has done?

How dare you touch our noun which hides our black hole. (emergence of profit and potential)

Again, there is only the verb, and it keeps changing.

And, now, there exists the propagated obsession of the verb as a form of climate.

Again, we forget the verb is the entire universe, and the earth is a belief. Just like the stone became a tool.

How can a tool be getting hotter? A tool is just whatever you make of it. It is a gift from the universe, the very idea of existence, and action is not entropic, it is best described as pro-creation. I suppose if you were arbitrary about it, it could be called progress and everyone could watch the nouns explode into new forms.

It looks like that is already happening. In fact, it seems to be a pathology.

Who and what are hiding  how, when, where, and why. Expose them. We are not pro-noun, but pro-creation. It is the way of the universe. Suns are nice, but useless without planets.

 How science is interpreted affects all our thinking and these direct relationships alter what we perceive as progress. We will not be told how to think and these concepts will be examined further.

The sun is obviously supernatural unless you can fully explain what it is hiding. The more important question to ask is: are we supernormal, or are we assumptions of the former?


1) Reference for sun
21. 9-apotropaic-contrive-entropy-treponema-trope-trophy-tropic-tropo-tropous-et-trep- To turn [Pokorny 2. trep- 1094, manner] Additions: Atropos, troubadour, trover, retrieve

2) Reference for planet
9. 15-barouche2-control-prune-rodeo-roll-rota-rotary-rotate-rotiform-rotogravure-rotund-roulette-round-rowel-tory-et-ret- To run, roll (barouche1 - dwo-) [Pokorny ret(h)- 866, hominid]

3) Reference for spatial assumption
 16. 7-aberration-err-erratic-erratum-erroneous-error-race-et-ers- To be in motion [Pokorny 2. ere-s- 336, choice]

[The Pokorny's are subjective, but so is quality. (see root connections.) This section has been added to the About page.]

May 23, 2015

R. Mark Sink lives in the Southern U.S., and has worked tirelessly to share eye-opening knowledge around the world for the healing of humanity. He has a background in etymological and esoteric research.

More updates to come.. 

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