Thursday, March 22, 2018

Liberal Authoritarianism & The Great Mills School Shooting

SOTT | Mar 21, 2018 | Corey Schink

Larry Hogan (R) while St. Mary's Sheriff Tim Cameron
(R) speaksTuesday at the Loffler Senior Center about
the shooting incident at Great Mills High
Another tragic school shooting has taken place in the US, this time in southern Maryland. Students at Great Mills High School yesterday ran for cover as 17 year old student Austin Wyatt Rollins opened fire, wounding two students before the School Resource Officer, also a member of the SWAT team, opened fire on him. It is still unclear whether he killed himself or whether he was killed by the officer.

As we will see, this incident, and how it unfolded, contradicts nearly all liberal logic regarding the problem of school shootings in general. Thus it is reasonable to conclude that we won't be bombarded with weeks of media coverage. For this reason it seems important to analyze the situation both for the challenges it poses to the official liberal narrative, and for the deeper tragedy that it represents in American culture:

A) The weapon Rollins used was subject to Maryland's strict gun control laws
B) An armed school resource officer ended the confrontation before it had the potential to escalate into a mass shooting
C) The liberal response to school shootings is as bad as, if not worse than, the shootings themselves - for reasons we will explore below.

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