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Amnesty International and HRW are in the business of demonizing the West's official enemies - Researcher

SOTT | Feb 24, 2018

In its annual report Amnesty International has accused the US and other world leaders of abandoning human rights and setting a dangerous precedent for other governments to follow. Moreover, the report notes that the regression of human rights was due to the policies of US President Donald Trump, especially his stance on migration.

Sputnik discussed this with George Szamuely, Senior Fellow at the Global Policy Institute of London Metropolitan University.

Sputnik: What are your thoughts on this Amnesty report? The report highlights many of the issues that are happening in various countries, but offered no solution to them, why?

George Szamuely: The human rights brigade, the two main organizations that are the leaders of the human rights brigade, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, they're in the business of demonizing certain states and dressing this up in all this fancy human rights language, all the talk about war crimes, tribunals and bringing people to justice and so on, but essentially, it's always a very one-sided view, it's always the certain official enemies that are condemned, presented in a way which [supports the notion that] the international community must bring these people to justice. Let's take a look at something like Syria, in the case of Amnesty International, to be fair, it's more balanced in its approach to Syria than Human Rights Watch. It lists the crimes of ISIS [Daesh] and Jabhat al-Nusra, and it lists the crimes of the Syrian government, which is different from Human Rights Watch, which only lists the crimes of the Syrian government. Nonetheless, the very fact of presenting it in some kind of a balanced way, this [reflects] the most obvious point, which is that the most fundamental human right of all is the right to live in peace and security, so there could be no symmetry between what ISIS does and what the government in Damascus does, because the government in Damascus is the sovereign, legal government of Syria and it's in the business of protecting the rights and life, and liberty of the citizens of Syria. So to present it as some kind of symmetry that Jabhat al-Nusra did this, the Syrian government did that and it's all so terrible and they're wringing their hands, there's no symmetry.

Sputnik: The report focuses a lot on migration, the so-called hostile attitude Western countries have [towards] accepting migrants, why didn't it address the conflicts that are forcing these migrants to flee, what do you think?

George Szamuely: That's part of this human rights agenda, in which they somehow deem migration as good in itself, and somehow being wary of accepting migrants is a sign of racism or intolerance and so on. Of course, migration isn't good in itself - countries being a little reluctant to accept hundreds of thousands of people who are likely to be extremely difficult to assimilate. The liberal globalist agenda is to say, oh well, let's bring in as many migrants as possible largely as a source of cheap labor.

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