Monday, August 7, 2017

The New Age Spoiled Zombie Collective


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Being on social media made me a little depressed. Arguments, conflict, bullying, disbelief, and maybe worst of all, silent judgment. This world is inauthentic and it shuns authentic people. This is the leading cause of depression in my opinion. It's not because people don't know how to fit it, it's because they don't WANT to fit in. This world led by psychopaths and sociopaths, and to normalize this lack of morality is to become one of them. I use the forgotten word: NO.

Normal is batshit crazy. And yet, if you don't fit in, YOU are the one that is called insane. It's quite backward and maniacal. So I wrote this essay and made it into a video using my latest art and photography as a backdrop. Also, please help me get my authentic voice out there by clicking the link above and contributing if you dig it. Thank you my friends. I appreciate you.

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