Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Impossible Burger Really is Impossible: GMO Protein Safety Rejected, Company Sells it Anyway

GM Watch | Aug 8, 2017

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On Twitter, Steven Molino said that 20 minutes after eating his first Impossible Burger at Bareburger, he “went into anaphylactic shock & taken to ER. Never happened to me before…” His Tweet about going into “anaphylactic shock” has since been deleted. [...]

The entire issue with the FDA is around the safety of this soy leghemoglobin, and the exact nature of this protein is a very, very big deal. People should not dismiss the distinction between “substantially similar” and “identical”.

“Consumers must understand that these slight differences in proteins can have severe consequences to human health. If you make one amino acid change in human hemoglobin, you have sickle cell anemia,” offered Dr. Michael Hansen. [...]

Knowing that the company had not fully addressed the FDA’s safety concerns, Impossible Foods went to market anyhow and began selling the Impossible Burger to a handful of restaurants in 2016, debuting at New York’s Momofuku Nichi. Currently, it is for sale at a few dozen restaurants around the country. [...]

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