Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Visible Changes to Earth's Climate as the Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies

Adapt2030 | Jul 4, 2017

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This interview with former ICRT Radio personality Rick Monday is a follow up exactly one year after our first conversation about the onset of the grand solar minimum.

We cover changes that have occurred the last 12 months including atmospheric compression events, downbursts increasing, larger hail, intense electrical storms and hail storms, out of season snows and heat, commodities price rises, decreased crop yields and how the economy will react as food prices continue to rise globally.

1.) Dave our last talk was one year ago. Do u still believe the Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying?
2.) In 2016 you said that there would be more clouds caused by cosmic rays and there would be more snow and rain around the world, is that happening?
3.) David, crop losses and food prices rising - as this progresses, where are we today May 2017 in terms of stable food growing seasons?
4.) You believe the Grand Solar Minimum will bring about a Mini Ice Age, that’s big news - why aren’t governments warning their citizens?
5.) The entire world economy will be affected by changes in food availability and food prices?
6.) Because of this change in atmosphere – there must be opportunities for local farmers.
7.) How quickly will all this occur?

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