Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Venezuela: 900 Molotov Cocktails Seized in Opposition Arsenal

teleSUR | Jul 25, 2017

Authorities seized bombs and other homemade explosives during a raid in Lara state. | Photo: AVN
Police also found 200 liters of gasoline, 49 homemade shields, 11 mortars, 12 pairs of gloves and 6 bulletproof vests.

Venezuelan state security forces found an arsenal of weapons Tuesday morning that they said were destined for right-wing opposition protests, that have caused more than 100 deaths since April.

Some 900 Molotov cocktails were found in the western area of Los Cardones in the state of Lara and retained by counter intelligence officials.

Over 200 liters of gasoline, 49 homemade shields, 11 homemade mortars, 12 pairs of gloves and 6 homemade bulletproof vests were also found.

In this operation, carried out in the Los Cardones sector, east of the Lara capital of Barquisimeto, officials said the weapons were intended to be used for violent actions in the city.

Six people — five men and one woman — were arrested in this anti-terrorist operation by state security forces and charged with the crime of terrorism.

Opposition-led protests aimed at toppling the Bolivarian government began in early April and in addition to those killed, over 1,200 have been injured.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has consistently called for the cessation of violence and dialogue as a way to resolve the conflict.

However, the right-wing MUD coalition has maintained its belligerent position, calling for an escalation of actions in the coming days in hopes of disrupting the National Constituent Assembly elections slated for Sunday, July 30.

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