Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Alt-right: Useful Idiots for the Global Elite

It’s more evidence the alt-right is clueless.

Here’s Jack Posobiec on Twitter today:

Trump is supposedly aligned against the globalists, at least that was his campaign rhetoric.

Wait a minute. Who is that behind Trump in the photo?

Why, it’s Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s Treasury secretary.

Mnuchin is Goldman Sachs alumni. He later specialized in hedge funds and scooping up failed banks, repackaging them, and selling them off at fantastic profit. He also exploited the financial crisis by collecting a portfolio of residential mortgage-backed collateralized debt obligations being sold by Merrill Lynch and used offshore entities for investment purposes and tax avoidance.

Here’s the kicker. Mnuchin teamed up with George Soros and established SFM Capital Management in 2003. Soros is a major proponent of globalism. He’s right up there with Lord Jacob de Rothschild, Baron David de Rothschild, the late David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Lloyd Blankfein.

Posobiec, the alt-righters, and the MAGA crowd are either oblivious to this or ignore it because it contradicts the feel-good Trumpian mantra.

At the end of the day, the alt-righters are tools for the plutocratic elite, the folks who are strip mining and looting America and reducing it to a third world hell hole.

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