Friday, June 9, 2017

US-led coalition interferes in Syrian govt’s fight against terrorism – Russian MoD

RT | Jun 9, 2017

A US Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt-2 © Hamad I Mohammed / Reuters
The air forces of the US-led coalition are working to undermine the anti-terrorist efforts of the Syrian government, Colonel General Sergey Surovikin of the Russian ground forces has said.

“The coalition air forces and the strongholds of the forces of New Syrian Army [now known as the Revolutionary Commando Army] have blocked the way of the government forces, tasked with defeating IS [Islamic State] groups,” he said at a briefing on Friday.“This is a violation of the sovereign right of Syria to protect it borders,” he said.

The statement comes after US warplanes stuck pro-government forces near At Tanf on Thursday, the third such incident in the space of several weeks.

The commander expressed hope that the US-led coalition would undertake measures to avoid further attacks on government forces and would “engage in a more substantial fight against Islamic State terrorists on the territory of Syria.”


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