Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Truth Perspective: UFO Secrecy and JFK with Dr. Michael Salla

SOTT | Jun 25, 2017

We know several presidents have had at least a passing interest in UFOs, but when it comes to that most mysterious of subjects, what have they actually known? Did President John F. Kennedy, for example, have any knowledge of the phenomenon? And if so, could that knowledge have played a part in his assassination? How does his short career mesh with what many ufologists think is the reality of an alien presence on earth and the history of the top secret working group allegedly known as MJ-12 that had full policy control over the subject?

This week on The Truth Perspective we'll be talking to Dr. Michael Salla about his book Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFO's, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination and examining what Kennedy may have known in this area. Salla traces the evidence suggesting a link between JFK and the UFO topic from Kennedy's initial years with naval intelligence in the 40s through to his ultimate demise during his first presidential term.

Salla's conclusions point to the lengths Kennedy was willing to undertake in order to steer the US - and the world - into a much different direction than what we are now seeing: a detente with Russia that would have ended the Cold War. Part of that may very well have included the subject of UFOs, if leaked documents and witness testimony is to be believed. But if JFK had designs on democratizing UFO information and ending the military-industrial-complex's monopoly on control, it may have left him with the most dangerous of enemies.


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