Sunday, June 25, 2017 Interview with Father Daniel in Syria: "There Never Was a Popular Uprising in Syria"

SOTT | Jun 24, 2017 | Bahar Azizi and Fr. Daniel Maes

© Father Daniel Maes
Father Daniel: "This is a very recent picture with Fadia
(4.5 years old) who was born when her mother was
in danger and when we were heavily attacked by
terrorists. We took her mother in safety when she
was pregnant. Fadia is, I think, normal and lively,
but she hasn't spoken yet. She survived the shootings
and bombardments in the basement together with
us. Meanwhile, the family is reunited and has a
home in Qara, but the mother and Fadia still visit
us now and then to say hi."
 "There was NO uprising, or so-called 'civil war'; from within, there was no reason for it."

"To this day, there are posters and pictures up all over Syria praising Assad and Putin - that is the reality."
 Since 2010, Father Daniel Maes (78), from the monastery of Postel in Belgium, has been a resident of Syria's sixth-century Mar Yakub monastery in the city of Qara, 90 kilometers north of the capital Damascus. He has returned to his home country several times in the intervening years to give seminars, but remains living in Syria.

I interviewed Father Daniel recently. The following is his story. He told me why he went to Syria in 2010, and how he experienced a culture shock when he first arrived there. He also explained that there never was a civil uprising in Syria, touched on the propaganda surrounding chemical attacks, relayed heartbreaking stories from Syrians themselves and praised the great support they receive from Hezbollah, the Syrian Army, and Russia.

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