Friday, June 30, 2017

Sh%t Hits the Fan: Public Portaloos on the Run in Moscow After Summer Storm [VIDEO]

RT | Jun 30, 2017

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As storms and high winds disrupt the summer vibe in Moscow, some pedestrians have been forced into evasive action to avoid runaway portaloos in Red Square.

Humid conditions saw thunderstorms and large dark clouds develop over the Russian capital Friday.

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One outcome of the poor summer weather was the sight of portaloos skating along the ground outside Russia’s former royal citadel.

The incident happened on a walkway approximately 500 meters (1,600ft) from Red Square between the Moscow Museum of Archaeology and the city’s War Museum.
Strong winds whisked a blue toilet cubicle towards a group of passersby, leading one Twitter user to suggest that it was trying to “flee” Red Square.

No one appears to have been injured in the bizarre incident, with bystanders managing to dodge the out-of-control lavatory.

Another person compared the toilet’s movement to paranormal activity in the television series X Files.

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