Friday, June 16, 2017

Seven US Navy Sailors Unaccounted For in Wake of Crash Off Japan Coast - Report

Sputnik | Jun 16, 2017

Japanese news outlet NHK reports that seven US Navy ship members have not been accounted for, citing the Japanese Coast Guard, following a crash between the USS Fitzgerald and a massive 29,000 ton-Philippine merchant ship.

A crash between the US Navy destroyer and the ACX Cyrstal container vessel caused the warship to start taking on water, but the US Navy and 7th Fleet said no casualties had been incurred "at this time."

The "extent of number of personnel injuries is being determined," the 7th Fleet Public Affairs team said in a statement, possibly contradicting a statement from the US Navy indicating there had been "no casualties."

​Sputnik reported that the ship was sailing under its own power toward Japan at a pace of just three knots.

Injuries had occurred as a result of the crash, and at least three compartments of the Fitzgerald were flooding.

One sailor had been airlifted by a Japanese helicopter as part of a medevac procedure, the 7th Fleet said in a statement.

The ship just underwent $21 milllion in repairs and upgrades in February, according to Stars and Stripes. The Fitzgerald was part of the USS Ronald Reagan Strike Group that has been engaged in training drills with the USS Carl Vinson First Carrier Strike Group ​near the Korean Peninsula along with crews from Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Comment: The military industrial complex is sucking us dry with their warmongering. There is no reason these vessels should be doing anything, as there is no threat other than America threatening everyone else. After spending that kind of money, it seems those in charge are asleep at the wheel, and now they will want more money that should have been focused on rebuilding the economy which Trump is obviously not interested in at all.

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