Thursday, June 15, 2017

Politico Goes Off The Deep End. Identifies U.S. Veterans as Putin’s Fifth Column

South Front | Jun 15, 2017 | Brian Kalman

Politico Magazine has joined the ranks of the Washington Post and the New York Times on the Anti-Russia bandwagon. Not only did their “investigation” rely exclusively on insider sources linked to the U.S. government and intelligence community, half of which remain anonymous and far from unbiased sources, but went a step further by insinuating that U.S. service members and veterans are unable to discern the truth from lies. Apparently, men and women smart enough to defend the nation cannot be trusted with access to the free market of ideas present in an open society.

In an investigative report titled, “How Russia targets the U.S. Military. With hacks, pro-Putin trolls and fake news, the Kremlin is ratcheting up its efforts to turn American servicemembers and veterans into a fifth column.”, author Ben Schreckinger asserts that the Russian state is engaged in a hybrid information war aimed at both coopting U.S. service members and veterans into embracing the Russian government’s world view, while at the same time harming them financially and psychologically via an aggressive hacking campaign. Mr. Schreckinger never explains the validity of Vladimir Putin’s strategy of building a fifth column of indoctrinated and brainwashed U.S. soldiers and retired soldiers by undermining them by stealing their personal information. This strategy of winning hearts and minds while violating privacy and pilfering bank accounts doesn’t exactly sound very logical, but who cares about logic when the narrative is the only thing that matters. Maybe the author also believes that U.S. soldiers and veterans are too stupid to see the obvious contradiction in this assertion.

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