Saturday, June 10, 2017

Examples of Divide and Conquer Strategies in Portland Oregon

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The recent stabbings in Portland, Oregon where Jeremy Joseph Christian  has been arrested has sparked a strong public response from activists who have been drawn in to the tactics which seem to be instigated by the usual perpetrators who intentionally create chaos as a methodology to increase their powers. It should be well known that patsies are easily enticed to commit such atrocities, just as in the war on terror hoax. The notion that these crimes would not happen in our own backyard under the cover of divide and conquer would be considered sleep walking.

On top of this, Shamus Cook has written Lessons from Portland’s Clash with Fascists about the clashes of civilizations it would seem occurring using hard terms used that trigger reactions, such as the noun 'fascism,' and 'Nazi' in labeling the stabber.

After reading his piece, one would assume that a war is about to break loose similar to battles fought in times past, and of course, repeating the same mistakes as made before that have not really changed anything. You have to ask the question, are things better than before, have wars ended? The obvious answer is no, they have become much more complex to understand and sort out. Society has not improved much, look around, millions live in poverty.

A movement against a noun will not change anything, it will provide the powers that should not be with the opportunity to increase their oppression whether they be conservative or liberal, as they are the same cookie, while the monster who eats from divide and conquer lives on. The only solution to these problems is awakening people so that they can begin to resist the urges to fall into the same tricks that have been perpetrated upon us for decades. We need to start speaking in a new language that is above the linguistic tricks that so many have come to accept.

To write as though you are in the matrix does not provide this opportunity. We must speak outside of it, beyond it, and show people they are being fooled.

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