Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Climate change a fascist, power driven, false religion

Ice Age Now | Jun 6, 2017 | Russell Johnson

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If you or I develop a scheme to take people’s money and convince them with made up numbers that their investment is growing, the scheme would be quickly prosecuted as fraud.

But when governments and the UN back the same type of scheme –in this case labeled “climate change” – it transcends truth to become a fascist, power driven, false religion.

Normal climate variation has morphed to “climate change”.

•  “Climate change” wields eminent power over individuals and business.

•   “Climate change” requires vast sums of money spent for no gain.

•   “Climate change” attempts to destroy freedom and individual travel provided by hydrocarbon based fuel.

•   “Climate change” encourages oppressive government and extreme regulation to achieve required goals.

It is well past time everyone realizes that the climate-change movement is a government organized religion based on deceit and fraud.

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