Tuesday, May 2, 2017

US Dollar Fallout to Unleash Massive Conflict | Rob Kirby

Reluctant Preppers | May 1, 2017

Has Trump been co-opted as the first domino to fall in the populist/nationalist movement? Is the European Union headed for inevitable collapse, and is that a good or bad thing for the world? How have globalists designed the coming failure of the US-Dollar Based Reserve Currency, which is already showing severe signs of stress & weakness? Will Russia & China refuse to allow the US Dollar to dominate world economics and markets any longer, even at the utility cost? Proprietary analyst Rob Kirby, founder and host of KirbyAnalytics.com reviews Alasdair Macleod’s expose of America's Financial W** Strategy and why we are hurtling towards conflict at an unimaginable scale, and what we must do to reduce risk and prepare now!


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