Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Trickery in Your Mind: Tory 'dark ads' target voters on Facebook

RT | May 31, 2017

© Conservatives / Facebook
Theresa May’s Tories are flooding Facebook users living in marginal constituencies with “dark ads” designed to draw away the Labour faithful using an election loophole that allows parties to target voters online with very little regulatory oversight.

Online advertising is not covered by election campaign rules stipulating how much money parties can spend in each constituency and requiring parties to submit detailed accounts of their expenditures.

While political TV advertising is illegal in Britain, showing videos online through paid advertising is not.

The Electoral Commission estimates that more than 99 percent of advertising on social media was spent through Facebook in the last general election, when Conservatives spent £1.21 million, Labour £160,000, UKIP £91,000, the Liberal Democrats £22,245, the Green Party £20,000, and the Scottish National Party (SNP) £5,466.

In 2015, parties and candidates were not required to categorize spending with social media companies. While the commission has proposed that this should change, the 2017 election is being held under the same rules, despite growing concern over unregulated online election activity, dubbed “dark advertising.”

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Comment: Is Theresa May conservative? Is Jeremy Corbyn liberal? Is that what you think?

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