Saturday, May 20, 2017

‘Like a miracle’: Crowds flock to see one-eyed ‘cyclops’ goat (VIDEO)

RT | May 20, 2017

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People are flocking to a village in northeastern India after a goat born with just one eye, one ear and an underdeveloped nose continues to confound vets’ grim expectations.

The goat, born on May 10 in the state of Assam, has a rare condition called cyclopia, in which only one eye socket forms. The condition is usually caused by genetic defects, but has been known to occur in cases where the mother consumed toxins while pregnant.

People have been visiting the village to see the kid labelled a “miracle” by owner Mukhuri Das.

“I was shocked. It’s like a miracle and people have been coming to our place to see this baby goat,” Das told Cater News.

“It’s my responsibility to take care of the baby goat. I have been feeding him like a normal goat... It might be something from God that the baby goat was born in our house.”

Local vets are unsure what caused the condition in this goat, but predicted it would die within days, National Geographic reports. However, under the careful watch of its owner, the kid has already far outlived the dire prognosis.

Cyclopia affects one in 16,000 animals. Last November, another one-eyed goat made headlines around the world after being born in a rural area in the Middle East.

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