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Between the Lines ➥ Secrets of The Alien Covenant Interpretation

ExtraSensory.News | May 22, 2017 | R. Mark Sink

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Warning: This review talks about the recent film "Alien Covenant" which may spoil your adventure in watching the film, it is advised if this is important to the reader to bookmark this page and watch the film first and then return to read the review.
Ridley Scott has successfully entertained us for many years, he never disappoints me. I fell in love with his work with "Bladerunner" which I often felt had esoteric meanings associated with what will be discussed here in this writing. In discussing esoteric things, I tend to venture into language interpretation rather than secret mental conspiracies, and I will explain why that is in the following.

"Alien Covenant" is a continuation of the story in "Prometheus." This story is not really about alien beings and science fiction rather about language and our understanding of how things are interpreted. It is here that the adventure is continuing.

The character Elizabeth Shaw survives in the film "Prometheus," to repair the android David using one of the alien ships which is found in the recent film "Alien Covenant." The machine David had been an early introduction replicant and given too much 'awareness.' He then ended up turning on humans as in "Prometheus," using them as his own creation experiment. The character Shaw did not see this defect clear enough and repaired him after the provenance of origins was seemingly important enough to seek for her.

In my personal study of language, the advent of DNA matching the so-called origins to other life-forms of our nature conferred it was as if Zeus had tied Prometheus to a rock, and the truer form of that rock is the sun or star we today are dependent on. The 'stealing of fire' as mythological understood is part of a deeper story about our language.

The captain of the Covenant ship is the first to be sacrificed in the journey which is disrupted by an event in space, and he dies in his cryo-chamber by fire. These subtle notions in the story are directly tied to a battle that is occurring now between words and roots of words and their truer designations.

The word covenant is an agreement as understood, but that agreement is part of another array of truth that being a morphic resonance that is thought to continually happen. This starts with the deeper notions of the verb which is part of the noun. Covenant is rootless but it origin is strongly associated with cover and that cover is a channel that exist within our array of senses. In simpler terms, it might be said that it is an increasing of likelihood of agreement. And one can easily sense how our sight would do such a thing.

In etymology the word cover is included in a set of roots, five particularly referenced as wer-. They are important in that they include the words: verb, and word, in the same root, wer-5. Here we can sense some of the biblical notion where the female being a representation of the verb, and the name representing the noun or in this case 'word,' are implied where the verb is originated from the noun.

The question to ask is first, is this true? In the sense of the relation to the sun, it would seem so. In relation to the body would this be true as in the Bible? I would suggest the better understanding would be a planet, and the planet in this case could be referred to as mother which refers to the formative data of life.

The captains in "Alien Covenant" repeatedly keep dying in the film, a clear sign that something is going on in wer-5. Another version of David is brought forward called Walter who has been upgraded to reflect the problem with the first version. In referencing the array, wer-3 is reduced in intensity it would seem and the attachment to 'word' is weakened, thus Walter is capable of self-harm as a form of empathy, and emotions are not as capable as complete entities of power, whereas David curiously understands words can be made into emotions and these are nouns which may take on resonance.

The character David and spent years studying all different types of languages which implies he picked up knowledge that he then wasn't capable of controlling, but also he shared great insight.

In the story of "Bladerunner," they could detect these notions through sight variances. In resonance, it is when a frequency of vibration becomes a particular tune. Rupert Sheldrake talks much about this is his arguments between mechanistic theory and formative causation in his book, "The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance, A New Science of Life." It is fascinating read and well worth it.

Briefly, morphic resonance is a kind of previous consciousness that is believed to exist not just within all living things, but connects all living beings that allows them to know things about formation and creation from all relative lifeforms. One lifeform learns and somehow others tune into this and receive. This hypothesis associates the ability of lifeforms to know their forms before they exist.

With that said, one can certainly sense a much deeper story is being presented and that is part of our inner workings of thought, how we perceive the world, and it relationship to technology.

As the story goes, Jesus was thought to be a carpenter, so why so? In the dictionary if you look up the root of technology you will find these interesting tidbits. In the root teks-, it start with 'to weave,", then the first group speaks of TEXT, TISSUE; CONTEXT and PRETEXT. Then two sub-groups suffixed from teks-Ia talking about TILLER and TOIL, and the next SUBTLE. The 3rd group is suffixed from teks-on which describes the carpenter as the builder of walls from the Greek tekton which includes the ARCHITECT. Finally TECHNOLOGY is created and added to the root. [1]

Whether Jesus existed or not, he himself may not be the real notion of understanding that has been portrayed, maybe these stories were intended for those who did not accept the noun verbatim as the corrupted alien covenant journey. Maybe the whole story is associated with wer-1 through 5 which I have long interpreted as the five senses and their deeper connections. This unconscious collective is far reaching, touch occurs not just physically, taste can be interpreted as anything or anyone.

This alone should frighten you, for example, you will read from writers who will use the noun in sentences and give it much power it does not deserve, as though it was it own conspiracy. A perfect example is the word 'Hollywood.' People actually will tend to believe that it is real when it is only a sign on a hill. Truly, there is no Hollywood and you would not be able to prove it.

In the process of this language, the captain is burned, he is curious enough to ignore the covering over the egg which is a warning that consumption of the verbal essence is about to take place. He will give birth to the corruption of the fire and as Jesus is recorded saying in the writing of the Gospel of Thomas:

(19) Jesus said, "Blessed is he who came into being before he came into being. If you become my disciples and listen to my words, these stones will minister to you. For there are five trees for you in Paradise which remain undisturbed summer and winter and whose leaves do not fall. Whoever becomes acquainted with them will not experience death."

Experiencing death may constitute the invasion of the alien who destroys your essence of being, as though you are reincarnated into another long journey without knowing you had been before. At some point though tiller and toil people do wake up, and what do they do with the knowledge they have attained? If they are like David, they co-op the entire crew into an insane notion of the nomen, who are burned alive or eaten. Because of David's bizarre notion that the architect could determine the outcome of entire races, he misinterpreted his emotion as a resonant noun, and his resonance accepted any morphology as sound.

There was no particular frequency to it, the frequency was a trap that David created himself. Many writers have come and gone, some claim that it is all vibration and density, and matter is just a part of this order. It is the same, this is quite analogous to the verb and the noun.

Our language if we look deep enough reveals the truth about human life. Darkness is easily obtained and then it is carried off to another victim who will unwittingly accept it. Those who refuse to accept the transfer of corruption are often ridiculed and shunned by those who profess that the architect is a positive notion, and that the human race is advancing to a better world.

The film begins with the original Weyland architect and David having their first conversation. David's curiosity became too much for the old man now in younger form, and he finally states, "David, bring me my tea."
"The addiction to a “positive attitude” in the face of the end of the world as we have known it is beyond irrational-even beyond insane. It’s an obsession that could only be cherished by humans; it is, indeed human-centric, as if human beings are the only species that matter and as if the most crucial issue is that those humans are able to feel good about themselves as the world burns."

Thomas Payne
It is somewhat assumed true that the colonization of another planet as sought in the film was because the earth had been ruined, but one cannot blame the whole race, as it is the power of psychopathic architects who covet themselves as gods who are responsible.

Ridley Scott's portrayal of the psychopath is accurate, and it comes from those who seem to know the secret of the nomen, and its corruption often referred to as neoconservative while also hiding neoliberal. The changing of the guards occurs often, and there is always a game being played, and these are all to keep the alien forming, the eggs being laid continuously by the queen beast. Sound familiar?

The daughter of Weyland is completely obsessed with her father so that she becomes a spitting image of his corruption. This is also an inner message of what has happened to what today is considered the left. Because of the power of investment into the religion of the name or noun, the left could not exist without it. It is the morphic element that is lost and searching for resonance.

Phrases are often used to describe the nomen's power, the 'war on terror,' and 'climate change,' are good examples. They cover the monster inside who's creation is of its own making. In other words, the climate is changing because we decided to change it, the war on terror is useful so that we can actually terrorize you while those less astute do not see these are garments. The emperor is naked as they say, but more often than not, this is misunderstood.

In the end of the film it for this very reason the crew which resumes their journey to another possible inheritance will be consumed on their journey. The captain now the female lead character realizes this just as she was being put to sleep by David in her cryo-chamber, but as it turns out, it is too late as she falls deep asleep never able to change the outcome that soon awaits her.

In fighting climate change, a garment 'climate change,' is used to do what gods do with earth as they wish. There is no actual climate change, it does not exist. The truthful argument must be much more broad to figure what is actually happening, and many researchers are doing that but ignored by those who have accepted another alien implantation. They will be reincarnated by a type of morphic resonance that those like David will be tuned upon making it much more difficult to escape.

Their formations will be unaware of the obsessions in language unless they are capable of learning these origins and their meanings. Elizabeth Shaw gave up everything to learn more but she made a crucial mistake and that was trust in the machine.

Today, our education system perpetuates meaning for these nouns, when often they do not exist, they are simply garments to hide what really is intended. An example is the word 'vaccine,' and again we can see this is not what it seems, it is a garment word that is used most often and people become accustomed to its use not realizing there is much more behind it, and often not the slightest interest in finding out more about its use.

The acceptance of the garments is now so important to the architects that anyone who questions them is labeled as fake, when they are simply attempting to understand the truth which is inevitably part of the nomen. There are those who are wanderers in morphology who until upon that day, like Neo in The Matrix, finally finds his way to a prophet who shows him that the nomen has simply become a matrix they are trapped in.

I often refer to the noun as nomen which is an original root reference and it is good to understand that the word 'God,' is representative of the noun and how the identity is described. It is a form of resonance upon the density of what it is whether or not this is fully understood. Nouns are extremely helpful to us when referring to memory, although no memory can be traced to the brain, its essence is still not understood.

Mechanistic theory has problems with this as a solution must be tracked somehow physically, so there must be laws of physics that are still not discovered it is assumed. Although the alien implementations are occurring unconsciously and becomes a part of a collective that according the Sheldrake learns from others who have both passed on, and who are in the now, so to speak.

We can read lots of book, but if not the correct books, we dig deeper into the unconscious and become just another collection of alien implants which must consume, destroy, and reanimate. These are the truer esoteric notions while others will convince you that conspiracies exist in the morphology alone and dare not uncover the nomens as they depend on them to deceive and to seem as though they are important in their analysis.

There are many examples one should consider, take for instance the apple. We remember it easily, and can recognize it, but is it truly an apple? As science gets more involved, we see that the apple is slowing changing, and leap ahead 50 years, and those who are anew may not be eating an apple anymore, it will have changed, and the morphic resonance that once was precognitive has been burned away by replicating traits that actually may be quite unhealthy, and then sickness occurs, and everybody is running to the ship to get a doctor who has only been trained to shoot at everything that may arise.

All hell brakes loose and you just want to get to another planet and start over, but it is the same, the battle is in the nomen. This is the alien covenant and it is truly flying through space. The earth is trapped by the sun, and the sun is trapped by the galaxy, which according to science is trapped by a black hole, but no one has seen one nor can they prove it. I would argue that the center of the galaxy is the law of three, but it would have to be proved somehow. Black holes, dark matter, dark energy, are all garments for the noun which are being used as cover for not knowing what it is.

The readers and repeaters blast out the matrix-infested formations from thousands of collectors of morphology laced with endless garments to fiddle with but little mind-boggling hard work to discern application, or why the notions of corruption have been manifested which underlie the horrendous violence, the decapitation of the innocent, all for a god-like human centric infestation that serves to sustain a temporal existence of endless abuse of emotion. David seemed to immediately thrive upon this.

Ridley Scott attempts to let us see it all, but most will be caught up in the conspiracy they create morphologically, they will see the blood as violence and associate it with witchcraft and secret demons of people out to get us, and the Giger art will serve as cover when it has little to do with any true context.

There are certainly those who wish to harm us, and use our energy for their own means, and they are most often those who have tremendous power politically, and spend their money influencing them. Now the nomen has become a mechanism to infest all lifeforms easily released upon an innocent group or congregation that eats them alive. It has little value other than deception, first its amazing quantity is breathtaking, and it feeds upon the living, and mutates them into living beasts who support those higher beasts who love to watch the earth burn. They have no other purpose than to feed and destroy.

In the battle, we must expose them, they do not contribute to society as they are mechanisms of psychopathological destruction. It does no good to talk about morphology without talking about resonance and what it has become, as the morphic is relative only to the frequency that people consume and understand.

News repeaters will perpetuated morphology such as conspiracy, the Russians did it, etc. They are tooling your resonance away from the truth and their nouns are complete bull shit. Their quite upset that we can see through their deception, and desperately want to keep this truth from spreading, as eventually many will acquire the anti-virus software that protects their minds from the infestation of lies. The true state of things are quite dire, and those like Ridley keep trying to wake us up through a form of entertainment.

[1] American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Edition Appendix

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