Tuesday, May 2, 2017

America Loses 30% of It's Wheat Crop, First Mini Ice Age Grain Crop Damage, Global Prices Up

Adapt2030 | May 2, 2017

The final piece of the puzzle to confirm the Mini Ice Age crop losses have begun and we are indeed transiting into this society changing event was today May 02, as the US lost 20 million acres of wheat due to cold, wind and snow damage. It’s now a balancing act of small producers to make up for large producer losses.

The emotions you are feeling is a combination of a step up in the Schuman Resonance of our Earth and the electrical intensification from our Sun during the last solar storm with blue and white auroras.

Other countries lost wheat production as well, but some gained, although the US and Russia are the two main global producers.

Losses from this point will mount along with global food price increases. The Mini Ice Age has begun today!

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