Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump’s first 100 days: The monumental golf edition

RT | Apr 29, 2017

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Donald Trump has officially racked up 100 days of service as president of the United States – but 19 of those he has spent on golf courses.

President Trump has spent 10 of the last 14 weekends since he was sworn in on January 20, at one of his golf clubs. And a reported 28 percent of his presidency has been spent in Mar-a-Lago alone.

That’s more rounds than Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton played in all their first 100 days... combined. Much more. In fact, neither avid-golfer Obama nor Bush hit the green at all in their first weeks as commander-in-chief. Clinton did manage to squeeze three rounds in during his, according to the New York Times.

Keeping such a strict tally of Trump’s expeditions will seem trivial to many, and presidents are entitled to their downtime. But there a couple of important factors worth noting when determining just how big a deal it is that Trump engages in his favorite pastime so often.


However, a tally by Golf Digest found Obama played a total 206 rounds while in office. Over eight years, that averages out at a little more than 38 rounds per year.

If President Trump continues his frequency of club visits, he is expected to rack up more than 650 rounds over an eight-year period.

In addition, Obama spent about $97 million on travel expenses during his entirety at the White House, reports CBS News – a figure Trump could surpass by the end of his first year.

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