Monday, April 17, 2017

Syrian rebels just massacred over 100 civilians. Where’s the media outrage?

In The Now | Apr 17, 2017

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The mainstream media took a far less belligerent tone when covering a suicide car bomb attack on a mostly Shia pro-government townspeople, west of Aleppo. As well as a ‘tragedy’, CNN went as far as describing this, the killing of well over 100 civilians, as a ‘hiccup’. Instead of actually directly pointing the finger at extremist elements among the rebels, the main culprit was instead, it seems, the war itself.

The BBC went one step further by suggesting that this was perhaps the work of the Syrian government. According to the Beeb, there’s ‘no evidence that rebels were involved in the attack’. It’s ‘unclear’ how the ‘vehicle filled with explosives’ got into ‘rebel territory near Aleppo’ ‘without government permission’. Seriously? The bombing ‘would not be in the rebels' interest’, apparently.

If that’s the case then why did rebels film this video after they burned government busses sent to evacuate people from the exact same towns a few months ago. The BBC features the same video on its website, although the audio is conveniently missing. This latest bombing killed at least 68 children. The suicide bombers lured the hungry youngsters in with snacks before setting off the blast. Does that sound like the work of the government?

It doesn't take an expert to know that the rebels are not a single entity but are instead made-up of many groups, each with different goals, including Sunni extremists for whom the massacring of predominantly Shia townspeople is indeed of ‘interest’. But none of that information really goes with the whole binary narrative the mainstream media are spinning, so why would they think to mention it?

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