Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria special coverage: US is ‘acting as ISIS’s air force’ – journalist

RT America | Apr 7, 2017

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The White House launched at least 50 at Syria’s Shayrat airbase, after blaming the Assad government for this week’s purported gas attack in Idlib province. Extremist groups in control of Idlib make verification of the US pro-intervention narrative impossible. The Shayrat airbase is used to combat Islamic State militants, who arguably benefit from the US attack. Anti-Assad rebels depend on foreign intervention and have a proven history of manipulating media to provoke emotional responses abroad.

Independent journalist Rania Khalek joins RT America’s special coverage to discuss the US attack’s likely impact on the politics of the region. Then former CIA agent Jack Rice analyzes the possible strategy behind President Donald Trump’s decision to order the attack.

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