Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Psychopaths Among Us: The Deep State's Next Move Will Shock The World

X22Report | Apr 10, 2017

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Editor's note: Why do the psychopaths want war now? Here are a few examples:
  • The stock market will likely crash (see here)
  • The information battle is being lost (see here)
  • Syria's regime change hoax has went on way to long and they are becoming embarrassed and exposed (see here)
  • All their tricks have failed and they are desperate (see here)
  • People are waking up to their lies and may not obey (see here)

The deep state is preparing to push their agenda forward. Rand Paul would like to have an investigation, Tusli Gabbard would like to have an investigation into the Syrian chemical attack. Why are the neocons and the deep state worried about an investigation. The deep state will never allow an investigation instead they are ready to push another event. The ‘joint operations centre’ document is a complete fake it never existed, this was to make it look like Russia, Syria and Iran are ready to attack. Be prepared the deep state is not finished.

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