Sunday, April 16, 2017

Florida Officials Now Seeding Poisonous Chemicals In Wind

Health Nut News | Apr 15, 2017

While the image you see above might seem like it couldn’t possibly be real, while Floridians have had just about anything bad that COULD be done to the environment happen, this is real.

Although the Zika fear mongering has come to an end, Florida officials aren’t quite done yet and are now working on enhanced efforts to “fight mosquitoes” as a precaution to Zika. That’s correct, Broward county has “ramped up county workers to use new technology and equipment” in their fight against mosquitoes.

And one of their new tools is a fleet of trucks that dump granulated toxic powders into the wind so that the wind can carry the mosquito repellent into “hard to reach places.” Insane. No, I’m not surprised but I am surprised. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? Really? Who is thinking this is a good idea?

From the article:
“’This one primarily are what we call a continued breeder,’ Ton said, ‘and they bite all day long, so to go out after them when they are in an adult phase is very difficult because they’re flying around, and they’re constantly hiding and biting all day long, so it’s not like we can go spray in the morning and the afternoon, when other mosquitoes are biting, to knock this mosquito down, so we have to target them in a larvae state.’”
But just what’s in the “granulated powder?” We haven’t been able to find anyone who knows. Please let us know if you do. Chemicals at the whim of the wind are something we cannot control. The wind will be able to take this poison into the water, onto any surface, be sucked into homes with open windows, settle on school playgrounds. Anywhere.

If you are a Florida resident it’s time to make your voice and opinion heard. Remember, Zika isn’t an issue. There is NO REASON for them to be doing this.

Call your representatives. Call your mayor. Call the governor. Start yelling. Now. For your family, the environment, and our future.

Source: Prep for That

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