Saturday, March 25, 2017

Google Intuiting Advertising as Forms of Censorship Blows Up in Their Face

ExtraSensory.News | Mar 25, 2017 | R. Mark Sink

According to Clif High, the algorithms used by Google will keep on failing, and this is because they have ramped up the censorship which confounds the linguistic notions that derive the associations. The building of an at odds relationship between the verb and noun may contribute to their inability to handle interpretations the advertiser wishes to exist, moreover, this has to do with the notion that truth will somehow be buried by algorithms linguistically. The truth may not be able to be buried, in fact, the human mind and logic have a way to figure these out and the confounding of the whole situation proves this problem will not go away until the method of censorship is revised to allow an honest relationship between truth and moral reality.

So, for example, you want people to ignore unfit reality by removing it, can this be done? Yes, remove the parts of reality that are harmful such as war, but do it in real life. Otherwise, you will have to come up with a new language that does not include verbs and nouns and this is likely not possible, in other words, the temporal nature of autosleep is becoming more and more limited.

PepsiCo, Walmart, Starbucks join Google boycott after ads appear next to ‘appalling’ videos

You can read some of my theory on this here.

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