Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Flint Now Required to Pay Full Price for Contaminated Water

teleSUR | Mar 1, 2017

A ''Water Pickup'' sign points to a bottled water distribution center for Flint residents at a fire station in Flint, Michigan. | Photo: Reuters
"They're not telling the truth about the water testing," said Melissa Mays, a community advocate.

Despite residents in Flint, Michigan still needing to filter their water to safely drink it, they will now lose their water relief credits, forcing them to pay full price for the contaminated water.

Anna Keaton, press secretary for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, said Tuesday that the state would provide credits until the city’s water supply met standards under the Lead and Copper Rule and Safe Drinking Water Act.

"That six-month period, which is again required for every city in America, was June to December 2016," Keaton said, as reported by NBC. "They got those results back and they went over them with the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) in Chicago and the city and a few independent scientists, such as Marc Edwards, and they all determined that the water met all the quality standards."

The credits, which totaled US$40 million, covered 65 percent of resident’s water usage, and 20 percent of city businesses’ water usage since the lead crisis first broke out three years ago.

For residents and activists alike, the news is infuriating.

"They're not telling the truth about the water testing," said Melissa Mays, a community advocate with Water You Fighting For, as reported by NBC. "They're saying they're in compliance, but everyone here has had to learn the Lead and Copper Rule, and they're not.”

"People are still testing way high for lead, as well as bacteria that the state's not even looking at," she added.

Even Flint’s mayor expressed disappointment.

“The governor feels he has fulfilled his obligation," Flint Mayor Karen Weave said at a Feb. 15 news conference. "He stated that Flint's water now meets the same quality standards as other communities in Michigan and meets the federal quality standards and in his opinion the water is good. And I told him that I disagree."

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