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Another "Impossible" Neutron Star | Space News

Thunderbolts Project | Mar 18, 2017

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What is a so-called neutron star? Scientists tell us that the material left over from a supernova explosion of a massive star collapses gravitationally, forming an incredibly small yet massively dense star mostly composed of tightly packed neutrons. A rotating neutron star is said to emit regular pulses of radio waves and other sources of radiation, called pulsars.

But the hypothesis of the neutron star was not a predictive theory that was composed and then verified through observation — rather, it was invented in the 1960’s, after the completely unexpected discovery of radio pulses from the constellation Vulpecula.

Today, we report on the latest in a string of “baffling” discoveries that in effect falsify the neutron star hypothesis, and we explore theoretical alternatives in the Electric Universe and plasma cosmology.

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