Friday, February 17, 2017

SoCal slammed with flash flooding, heavy rain, strong winds

RT | Feb 17, 2017

Petaluma, California, January 8, 2017. © Stephen Lam / Reuters
Southern Californians saw city streets become slick with rain and nearly flood as trees were uprooted. Voluntary evacuations were called, and some highways were closed, while numerous flights were delayed or cancelled.

It started off quiet.

The brunt of the storm hit the Golden State Friday morning and is expected to last into Saturday.
With strong winds and lashing rain, trees were toppled and uprooted crashing onto houses and highways in Ventura County, Central Coast, Santa Barbara and Fremont.

The Ventura County Office of Emergency Services urged a voluntary evacuation of some homes in Camarillo Springs, northwest of Los Angeles, where past storms unleashed mudflows from hills scarred by a wildfire several years ago.

In Santa Barbara, the city streets became slick with water.
Workers tried to clear power lines.
Workers dug ditches to divert water.
Mountain sides became slick with rain
Rivers developed waterfalls and broke their banks.

Forecasters say rain will also spread into Central California and up to the San Francisco Bay Area.
As this is the surfing state, what’s threatening to some was ripe for a slide to others.

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