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Modern Propaganda is the Anesthesia Before Our Coming Surgery | Jerry Robinson

Reluctant Preppers | Feb 25, 2017

What’s even more insidious that the overt scripted headlines we are blasted with every day? What pre-propaganda foundation is being laid in the minds of our youth that sets them up for easily manipulation? 

Jerry Robinson, founder of Follow the Money Daliy ( returns to Reluctant Preppers to alert us to the increased level of propaganda that we are inundated with, and what the aware and prepared person can do to reclaim their rightful perspective and guidance that will protect them from being swept up in and “managed” under our modern propaganda culture.



Book by Jaques Ellul “Propaganda”: Leading men to action based on what’s already inside them.

We are surrounded by a sea of propaganda every day. Mass media, public relations industry.

Propaganda can have the most negative effect in a democratic government. Rule by the people “needs” propaganda to course-correct when the people get out of hand.

Propagandists are interested in putting a hook into people and moving them in the desired direction.

People need to take action for their own selves, not based on what they are being guided towards.

Intellectuals are the most susceptible to propaganda, voracious for information, absorb the most second-hand unverified information, skimming through hundreds of headlines per day. Intellectuals feel compelled to have an opinion about everything.

Drop out of headlines, pay attention to raising your family, building real skills, having real experiences.

Propaganda is built upon a base of culturally unquestioned pre-propaganda (public education, based on Dewey: Ancient Greek, American revolution & French revolution) 1: Man in inherently good, all technology is good 2: Man’s ultimate aim is his own happiness 3: Humanity is progressing 4: Everything is matter

Alert: Human mind will be surpassed by personal computers in the near future.

Brain implants are the promise to keep our brains up with he pace of information overload.

Protect yourself: prayer & meditation, turn the screen off, pay attention to humans in your life and real life.

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