Monday, February 29, 2016

Medicine and the Dao: The Forces Driving the Rise of the Feminine

Zen Gardner | Feb 28, 2016 | Erika Fayina Marie

Part I

Our true integrative medicine will be a combination of the very best ancient and modern techniques. It will be a medicine that reflects and harmonizes the Dao.

Yoga.  Meditation.  Ginger.  Ginseng.  Turmeric.   These are just a few of the tools heralding a shift in medicine towards the feminine.  Both the health hobbyist and health professional appreciate these therapies and are glad science is validating them.  But most people haven’t dove into the complex theories underlying natural medicines.  Most medical doctors resonate with – but don’t really understand – the ancient concepts that govern their use.

And that’s ok.  Even if practitioners only know the “if A’s then B’s” of prescribing turmeric for inflammation, they’re still helping hundreds of people.

But what if they knew more?  In the hopes of sparking curiosity and accelerating our progress towards a higher medicine, I will share with you some ancient secrets.  In the span of a few articles, I am going to show why you are witness to the rise of the feminine, provide you a perspective on what that truly means, offer you context and scientific support for what I’m saying, and illuminate what you can do so you can flourish in the midst of this shift, no matter what your medical specialty or degree may be.  By the time I’m done, you’ll see why you need to ride this wave, not fight it, and you’ll gain insight on how to ride it without getting misdirected.

Because this isn’t a trend.  It is a current.  A tide.  And just like a tide, it cannot be stopped.

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