Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ben Swann: Dishonesty Exposed As "Trump Dossier" Author Christopher Steele Was Paid By FBI

Ben Swann | Aug 9, 2018

FBI documents now prove that Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous "Steele Dossier" was being paid by the FBI just before he went to work for Fusion GPS. What else is the FBI not telling us about the "Trump-Russia Investigation"? Let's give it a Reality Check.

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Gross misuse of dollar by US will lead to its weakness and switch to national currencies – Lavrov

RT | Aug 14, 2018

© Jose Luis Gonzalez / Reuter
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that the role of the US dollar as a global reserve currency may be diminished as more countries switch to national currencies in trade.

“Abuse, gross abuse of the role of the US dollar as a world reserve currency will cause its role to be weakened,” Lavrov said, speaking at a press conference in Ankara with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

“It will make more and more countries that are not even affected by US sanctions go away from the dollar and rely on more reliable, contractual partners in terms of currency use,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Lavrov noted that US sanctions, including those against Turkey, undermine all principles of global trade.

“I have already said this about sanctions: they are illegal, they undermine all principles of global trade and principles approved by UN decisions, under which unilateral measures of economic duress are unlawful,” said the foreign minister.

By imposing sanctions, the US is also punishing its allies, according to Lavrov. “This policy cannot be the basis for a normal dialogue. It seems to me that it cannot continue for a long time,” said the Russian diplomat.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned that US sanctions could be imposed against any country at any time. “Today, sanctions are imposed on Turkey, and tomorrow they can be used against any other European state. If the United States wants to maintain respect in the international arena, then it is necessary for it to be respectful of the interests of other countries,” he said.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

DNC Serves Ridculous Lawsuit on Wikileaks Claiming They, Russia, and Trump Conspired Against Unliked Killary

RT | Aug 11, 2018

© Peter Nicholls / Reuters
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has officially served its lawsuit to WikiLeaks through the unconventional means of Twitter.

The suit, which alleges that the Russian government, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks conspired to influence the 2016 presidential election in favour of Donald Trump was filed last April. However, due to the group’s elusive nature, lawyers were unable to officially serve the whistleblowing organization.

On Friday, the law firm representing the DNC, Cohen Milstein, served the suit in a single tweet. The account, which appears to have been set up specifically for this purpose, links to a number of legal documents related to the case.
Last month, the DNC filed a motion in a federal court in Manhattan requesting permission to serve the lawsuit through Twitter after its attempts to reach WikiLeaks via email failed, reported CBS News.

The Democrats argued that Twitter was an appropriate platform in this instance because of WikiLeaks’ prolific tweeting.“WikiLeaks seems to tweet daily,” the DNC contended, drawing on a legal precedent set in a US District Court in 2016

The DNC also pointed out that WikiLeaks previously claimed on Twitter that it had already read the lawsuit.
At the time of writing, WikiLeaks had yet to respond to the official notice of the summons.

Earlier this week, its founder Julian Assange was called to testify before the US Senate Intelligence Committee - an offer that WikiLeaks say is being considered.The letter was delivered to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Assange has been living since he was granted asylum six years ago.

Guilty Verdict: Jury orders Monsanto to pay California man $289mn in ‘probably carcinogenic’ Roundup trial

RT | Aug 10, 2018

© Mike Blake / Reuters
A groundskeeper who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Monsanto’s weed-killers for years is entitled to $39 million in compensation and $250 million in punitive damages, a California jury has decided.

The jury at the Superior Court of California in San Francisco deliberated for three days before agreeing that Monsanto had failed to warn DeWayne Johnson, 46, and other consumers of the herbicide’s cancer risks.

Johnson filed the lawsuit in 2016, alleging that Monsanto’s Roundup and Ranger Pro herbicides are responsible for his cancer. The trial was expedited because his doctors said he was unlikely to survive past 2020.

As part of his duties as groundskeeper at a California school, Johnson used Roundup between 20 and 40 times a year, sometimes “hundreds of gallons” at a time, according to his lawyer. Two years after starting his job, he was diagnosed with the aggressive cancer.

Monsanto has denied that glyphosate, the key ingredient in both Roundup and Ranger Pro, causes cancer. The company has cited scientific studies going back decades that showed the chemical safe for use by humans.

After labeling glyphosate a “possible human carcinogen” in 1985, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reversed its position on the chemical in 1991. The EU Food Safety Authority said in 2015 that peer review experts, with only one exception, consider glyphosate “unlikely to pose a carcinogenic hazard.”

The World Health Organization’s cancer research agency classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” in 2015, but said there was “limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans for non-Hodgkin lymphoma” based on studies from US, Canada and Sweden published since 2001.

Monsanto was acquired by the German agrochemical giant Bayer AG in June, in a merger deal valued at $66 billion.

Speaking to reporters after the verdict, Monsanto VP Scott Partridge said that the company will appeal and continue to “vigorously defend” the herbicide. “The verdict today does not change the science,” Partridge said.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Blue light emitted from smartphones and laptops accelerates blindness – study

RT | Aug 10, 2018

FILE PHOTO © Thomas Peter / Reuters
Blue light emitted from smartphone and laptop screens speeds up blindness by transforming vital molecules in the eye’s retina into cell killers, according to new research.

The study, carried out by optical chemistry researchers at the University of Toledo, explains how exposure to blue light can cause age-related macular degeneration – one of the leading worldwide causes of blindness.

“It’s no secret that blue light harms our vision by damaging the eye’s retina. Our experiments explain how this happens, and we hope this leads to therapies that slow macular degeneration, such as a new kind of eye drop,” study co-author Ajith Karunarathne said.

Macular degeneration occurs when photoreceptor cells in the retina die – these cells need molecules called retinal in order to sense light and trigger signals to the brain.

During lab experiments, the team found that blue light exposure causes retinal to trigger reactions that generate poisonous chemical molecules in photoreceptor cells.

“It’s toxic. If you shine blue light on retinal, the retinal kills photoreceptor cells as the signaling molecule on the membrane dissolves,” study co-author Kasun Ratnayake said.

The cells do not regenerate, so “when they’re dead, they’re dead for good,” Ratnayake added.

The team introduced retinal molecules to other cell types in the body, such as cancer cells, heart cells and neurons to establish if it could kill other cell types.
“The retinal-generated toxicity by blue light is universal. It can kill any cell type,” Karunarathne said. Blue light alone or retinal without blue light had no effect on cells, however.

The lab currently is measuring light coming from television, cell phone and tablet screens to get a better grasp of how the cells in the eyes respond to everyday blue light exposure.

Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition

Corbett Report | Aug 10, 2018

Don't be an idiot! The government is NOT going to be the neutral arbiters of the internet and the big tech companies are NOT monopolies unless YOU forfeit your responsibility and use their controlled platforms. The answers to the social media crackdown are already here and it is your choice whether the alternatives that already exist thrive or die. It's up to you. Choose wisely.

SHOW NOTES AND MP3 AUDIO: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=27735