Monday, July 23, 2018

U.S. Army Caught Lying About Killing Women and Children in Afghanistan

RT | Jul 23, 2018

14 people including children have been killed in an airstrike in Afghanistan in what was meant to be a military operation against the Taliban. It's not yet clear if it was carried out by Afghan or US aircraft. RT spoke to witnesses at the scene.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Terrorists Fraudsters White Helmets Evacuated from Syria by Netanyahu at Trump & Trudeau Request

RT | Jul 22, 2018

US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Israel to evacuate the members of the controversial Western-backed White Helmets group from Syria, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed.

"President Trump and also Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, as well as others, requested us to help take out from Syria hundreds of White Helmets members,” Netanyahu said in a video address on Sunday.

He described the White Helmets, who have been accused of cooperating with terrorists and faking chemical attacks, as “people who saved lives.”

The members of the controversial group were “under life-threatening danger… I therefore authorized for them to be transferred through Israel to other countries as an important humanitarian measure,” the Israeli PM said.

 Israel evacuated several hundred White Helmet staff and their families from the Golan Heights region in southern Syria to Jordan overnight on Saturday. The initial plan reportedly involved the evacuation of 800 people, but the Jordanian authorities later said that only 422 made it into the country.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, Emmanuel Nahshon, earlier wrote on Twitter that the Jewish state carried out the operation “upon request of the US, Canada and European states.”

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sense-making Machinery: Primary Mechanisms of Communication

ExtraSensory.News | Jul 21, 2018 | R. Mark Sink

The making of war
© denofgeek
I'm sorry for not keeping up with this blog, I have to make a living, and this is all being contributed. In recent times, the rhetoric in media has become bizarre exposing the battles between groups of so-called groups within the framework of our own minds. The creation of these groups are bound to the truth which is never talked of, so that is why I am disclosing this conversation.

For years I spent time studying the English roots in the dictionary, although it wasn't until more recently I began to think more about the relationship between the verb and noun to find their reference lacking clarification. They sit at the root of our discourse and division related to group think.

First, try to understand the truth, they are not really speech labels but have been made labels as necessary for creating syntax, and to make sense; they must take on the essence of nouns in order to function in understanding. There are many verbs that are not verbs, they are actually nouns. There are even more nouns that are not nouns, they are actually verbs. This must be so, or logic is notwithstanding, for example, is peace really a noun, not really.

In order to write a sentence, peace will become a noun, because of syntax alone. The verb and noun are many things, here are a few examples to get your minds to begin wrapping around them so to speak. The verb and noun are two senses, touch and taste, they are liberal and conservative, they are time and space, they are the universe and the star, they are Daniel Kahneman's system 2 and system 1, they are Democrats and Republicans, and the list goes on.

This must be true or they could not be what they are. In Mandarin, they are in your face from the beginning. In this case, they are called signs or symbols, your choice. There are many speech labels, mostly associating syntax alone. The adjective is somewhat different in that it represents how the verb and noun must relate. Look at any list of adjective and you know what this means because you can easily feel it if you think about it.

For this reason, the root list associated with the adjective is quite unique.

Here it is reanimated from the American Heritage Dictionary Appendix.

1. 28-abject-adjacent-adjective-amice-catheter-conjecture-deject-diesis-ejaculate-eject-enema-gist-inject-interject-jacittation-jess-jet-joist-object-paresis-parget-project-reject-subjacent-subject-superjacent-synesis-traject-et-- To throw [Pokorny- 502, depot]

There are 28 English words that associate this relationship between the verb and noun. It seems obvious doesn't it?

There are many more associations that are not syntactically referenced. That would be thousands.

This root is listed under the letter Y, a letter that was created not that long ago when English was adapted and institutionalized.

We have forgotten their significance because they have become other things unknowingly.

Is it possible to become a verb person. According to the world we live in, it seems so. Imagine a group of people who want to control the interpretation of the verb, and it may get loony. How did the universe begin, it was ejected they say.

Why not consider that our interpretation and ability to interpret are part of the actual beginning and that keeps happening. If we could trace the first instance of this, that would be when it all began I suppose. At some point in time it as assumed, a relationship between the verb and noun began, and that is the beginning.

It makes more sense to consider their true meanings and importance than to try to become one of them. I don't really think it is possible to just be one of them, as they are forever intertwined. However, they have separated so that navigation can occur, and skills can be made. Knowledge is not necessarily what you know, but what you are willing to question, and questionable is an adjective.

I questioned the English language and it's basis associated with the five senses, knowing it seems that these senses were primary in its making, but learning this took many years. Most writers will reference the five senses as electrical signals associating the brain, these are called sensations and part of the matrix. The actual five senses have a much deeper story to tell, there are roots that group into five that represent their abilities that have been ambulated.

If we imagine having the power of relationship between the verb and noun that is collectively possessed, it would be called the Internet. This is thinking of it in terms that are more truthfully represented, and it is this direct relationship between them that is now manifest.

This is having a direct effect on our ability to understand them and how they are abused. This is now coming to a head it would seem, and I would argue at least some that this is the reason why, but it is helped by the euphemisms that are created about their relationship such as the deep state, that exposes what can happen to that relationship.

In the world in which we live, their is no escape from them. Those who attempt to control them are always eventually exposed with a platform that openly allows people to continually learn using them. If you think that by being only one of them, you are somehow safe, you are mistaken.

The reference that they are left and right is not the proper navigation. How can the stars be left of the universe, or the universe right of the stars. It makes no sense. Sense must be made. Sense is made, just look at the Internet. You see it, and feel it, even if alternatively.

We constantly seek it, it is thought common and a proper navigation of the relationship. Verbies (libtards) despise it as now being exposed.

They seemingly want to control the relationship to keep a status quo about it. They also would like to keep the associated groups arguing with each other without looking deeper. The left argues against the supernatural without realizing that quantum science has already proven it.

In reality, the argument is within our own minds, not really against other people which might be called a reflection of the problem. Can the world be destroyed in this relationship? If we could stop the partisanship maybe not, otherwise, it most definitely could be based on our ignoramuses and those who possess us. The battle is on to save the world, but that battle is with the journalists who actually care about the true relationship whether they realize the essence or not, but they must realize it even if they don't admit it overtly.

The looniness of the ideologues to control something that really cannot be controlled ever, but can only serve as a method of learning and growth if left open, leads to their own self-destruction and exposure because that is the nature of it. The Internet may seem like a machine, but its true nature is much more obvious to those who understand our nature is being released upon the world. Both good and bad become exposed.

Those who expose the most truth are obviously those who are most hated by those who wish to control what is happening either based on their excessive benefits and abuse, and or their insanity.

Russiagate Is Constructed of Pure Bullshit, No Facts

Inst. for Political Economy | Jul 19, 2018

All day today the presstitute scum at NPR went on and on about President Trump, using every kind of guest and issue to set him up for more criticism as an unfit occupant of the Oval Office, because, and only because, he threatens the massive budget of the military/security complex by attempting to normalize relations with Russia. The NPR scum even got an ambassador from Montenegro on the telephone and made every effort to goad the ambassador into denouncing Trump for saying that Montenegro had strong and aggressive people capable of defending themselves and were not in need of sending the sons of American families to defend them. Somehow this respectful compliment about the Monenegro people was supposed to be an insult. The ambassador refused to be put into opposition to Trump. NPR kept trying, but got nowhere.

As a former Wall Street Journal editor I can say with complete confidence that NPR crossed every line between journalism and advocacy and no longer qualifies as a 501c3 tax-exempt public foundation.

The NPR assault on President Trump was part of an orchestration. The same story appeared in the Washington Post, long-believed to be a CIA asset. Most likely, it has appeared throughout the presstitute media.
The ability of the military/security complex to control the explanations given to Americans, about which President Eisenhower warned Americans in 1961 to no effect, has produced an American population, a large percentage of which is brainwashed.

For example, in Caitlin Johnstone’s column, linked below, Kurt Eichenwald, who, in my opinion, is either a brainwashed idiot or a Deep State troll, says that the bottom line is that you either believe “our intelligence community,” which most definitely did not conclude what Eichenwald says they have concluded, “or you support Putin. You are either a patriot, a traitor or an idiot.”

Note that Eichenwald defines a patriot, as do the Democrats, many Republicans, the entirely of the US print and TV media and NPR, as a person who believes the self-serving lies issuing from the military/security complex in support of the $1,000 billion dollars annually taken from unmet US taxpayer needs to put in the pockets of the mega-rich for “defending” American from an orchestrated, but otherwise nonexistent, threat. If you don’t support this theft from the American people, you are, according to Eichenwald, “a traitor or an idiot.”

Caitlin Johnstone tells us how utterly stupid Americans are to fall for the line that it is treason to seek peaceful relations with a nuclear power that can destroy us. This means that presidents John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan were treasonous. This is the official position of the American presstitute media, the Democratic Party, and the military/security complex. It is also the position of a fake entity that misrepresents itself as “the American left.”

This utterly absurd position that to pursue peace is to commit treason is precisely the position that the corrupt American print and TV media and NPR represent. It is the position of the Democratic Party. It is the position of the Republicans in Congress, such as the warmongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham who are owned by the military/security complex.

Every American who believes the line that reducing tensions with Russia is treasonous is preparing nuclear Armageddon for themselves, their friends and families, and for the entire world.

Caitlin tells it to you like it is: 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Ecuador to hand over Assange to UK ‘in coming weeks or days,’ own sources tell RT's editor-in chief

RT | Jul 20, 2018

Ecuador is ready to hand over the WikiLeaks founder to the UK in “coming weeks or even days,” RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said citing her own sources, as prospects of his eviction from the embassy are back in the media.

My sources tell [Julian] Assange will be handed over to Britain in the coming weeks or even days,” Simonyan wrote in a recent tweet which was reposted by WikiLeaks. “Like never before, I wish my sources were wrong,” she continued.
Simonyan's message comes, as speculations Ecuador is in talks with the UK over the future of Assange are back again in British press. Earlier this week, the Times reported Britain is locked in top-tier discussions with the Ecuadorians in a bid to remove Assange from their London embassy.

Sir Alan Duncan, the Foreign Office minister, is said to be spearheading the diplomatic effort.

Sources close to Assange said he himself was not aware of the talks but believed that America was putting “significant pressure” on Ecuador, including threatening to block a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if he continues to stay at the embassy.

The Times report comes just weeks before a visit to the UK by the newly-elected Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno, who has labeled Assange a “hacker”, an “inherited problem” and a “stone in the shoe.”

There have been other worrying signs indicating Assange is steadily becoming a troublemaker for Ecuador. In late March this year, the Ecuadorian government has suspended Assange’s communication privileges with the outside world, cutting off his Internet connection at the embassy.

The move was sparked by Assange’s alleged breach of an agreement to refrain from interfering in other states’ affairs. Previously, he blasted the Spanish government for cracking down on the Catalan independence movement.

Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012 when he asked the Latin American state for asylum. The 47-year-old was wanted by Sweden on sexual assault allegations, but feared the extradition would lead to him being transferred to the US and prosecuted without a fair trial.

The US has been saying that Assange was “engaged in terrorism,” with Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, last year calling his arrest a “priority.” Over the years, WikiLeaks has published hundreds of thousands of classified US files, including the cables on the Iraq War, leaked by whistleblower Chelsea Manning in 2010.

Despite the Swedish investigation against him being closed in May last year, the Australian journalist was still unable to leave the embassy because of an outstanding British warrant for allegedly breaching bail conditions and no guarantees of him not being sent to the US.

Over the years, the whistleblower has been supported by activists and human rights groups, who demanded he be freed. A UN panel also found that Assange’s stay in the embassy amounted to “arbitrary detention,” but it wasn’t enough to change his fate.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Libtard Time magazine’s ‘creepy’ Putin-Trump cover is what media subversion really looks like

RT | Jul 19, 2018 | Simon Rite

Staring out from the front cover of this week’s ‘Time’ magazine is a striking, unsettling picture of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump morphed into one. The hidden, yet unsubtle messaging behind the image is equally unsettling.

Time describes the image as “meaning to represent this particular moment in US foreign policy, following the pair’s recent meeting in Helsinki, Finland.”  However, what it really represents is the way that a major US media outlet wants its readers to see these two men.  As strange and creepy figures who are in some way linked.
The publication cannot write a story which backs up allegations that the two presidents have some kind of conspiratorial relationship, but it can print an image which insinuates it, demanding your attention and entering your subconscious. If investigators want a textbook example of how the media attempts to subvert and influence, then look no further.

How many other morphed images of world leaders has Time featured on its famed front page?  None. There is no Trerkel, no Macrump not even a Tru Jong-Un. With these leaders there is no conspiracy to sell and no bandwagon on which to jump.

The US is still wrestling with the reality of Trump as president and claims of election interference. The mainstream constantly debates how it was allowed to happen at all, and here Time wants to provide the answer in one unsettling picture. It must have been Putin, the two are so close they could be one person the image suggests, they’re two sides of the same coin.

RT can exclusively reveal that the two do, in fact, have extremely serious connections: they both currently find themselves as the leaders of the two biggest nuclear powers on Earth. That is an incontrovertible fact and, as Trump said in Helsinki, he decided to take a political risk by meeting Putin in an attempt to reduce tensions. In America’s current political climate that is more than enough to get you an insidious Time magazine front page.

The idea is not original. German news magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ did the identical thing last year by morphing the two men on its cover page. The aesthetic was less psycho warfare horror movie, and more Soviet schtick.
Der Spiegel’s headline was at least more transparent in what it was trying to say ‘The double regent: how much Putin is in Trump?

Time’s simple ‘The Summit Crisis’ is short and ambiguous enough that the reader has more time to let the hidden meaning of the image settle in.

Has it worked?  You only have to look on Twitter to see the words people are using to describe the front page: “Creepy,” “nightmare,” “scary” and “chilling.” Time magazine: mission accomplished.