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Monsanto attacks Global Glyphosate Study that expose dangers even at ‘safe doses’

Natural Health 365 | Jun 18, 2018 | Lori Alton

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Glyphosate – the most widely used weed killer in the world – is the active ingredient in Roundup, an herbicide made by the biotech giant Monsanto. Sadly, glyphosate use has soared since the introduction of GMO crops in 1996 – with levels found in the human bloodstream skyrocketing by more than 1,000 percent over the last 20 years.

And, while Monsanto insists its product is ‘harmless,’ integrative healthcare experts maintain that glyphosate is associated with a variety of health problems like, heart disease and cancer.

Now, an international team of experts has released the results of an animal study showing that glyphosate disrupts sexual development, damages genes and disturbs the microbiome – the community of beneficial gut bacteria – even when given at “safe” doses.

Naturally, Monsanto, “the world’s most hated corporation,” lost no time in trying to discredit both the study – known as the Global Glyphosate Study (GGS) – and the researchers.

Problem for Monsanto: Glyphosate found to be harmful even at very low levels

To conduct the pilot study, researchers gave laboratory rats glyphosate in drinking water – at the EPA’s “safe limit” of 1.75 mcg per kilo per day. The study was particularly well designed because it focused on rodents that were studied from prenatal life to natural death – meaning that the team could evaluate adverse effects ranging from those caused by early exposure to those surfacing in old age.

The researchers found that glyphosate caused “significant and distinctive” changes in the overall bacterial composition of rats exposed in the womb – meaning it disrupted the balance of indispensable “friendly” bacteria. The population of Lactobacillus – a particularly beneficial species – was reduced, while levels of harmful bacteria were increased.

And there was a disturbing sidelight: although the glyphosate harmed the microbiomes of the young rats that had been exposed in the womb, the mothers appeared unaffected.

Study co-author Daniele Mandrioli, M.D., a researcher at the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy, called this finding “quite remarkable,” and stated it “shouldn’t be happening.”

Disruption of the gut microbiome is associated with obesity, diabetes, immune system problems and even depression.

More problems: Reproductive abnormalities were discovered due to glyphosate exposure

Other changes in the rats included irregularities in the genital area (specifically, a significant and measurable reduction in the distance between the anus and the genitals). The team noted this could have significant impact on reproductive health, and could also indicate a disruption of sex hormones.

The researchers also determined that the glyphosate was genotoxic, or capable of damaging the genetic information within cells.

The study, which was crowdsourced by 30,000 Italian citizens, yielded three separate peer-reviewed papers published in the noted scientific journal Environmental Health. And, as you might expect, the team called for further investigation in a comprehensive long-term study.

Keep in mind: In 2015, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen.” But U.S. and European regulators continue to deem it acceptable for use – in the midst of a pattern of secret industry papers, suppressing research, using experts with alleged ties to Monsanto, “corporate malfeasance” and “scientific fraud.”

No surprise: Monsanto defends its flagship product, Roundup, and smears the science

Scott Partridge, a Monsanto spokesman, was quoted in a Guardian article as labeling the Ramazzini Institute an “activist organization with an undisclosed agenda that exists as part of their crowdfunding efforts.” The Ramazzini Institute, Partridge alleged, has a “long history of rendering opinions not supported by regulatory testing agencies.”

Of course, Monsanto has a long history itself of corporate corruption – which is all outlined in the “Poison Papers.”

Monsanto’s characterization of the Ramazzini Institute could not have been farther from the truth. Far from being an “activist organization,” the Ramazzini Institute is devoted to evaluating and identifying carcinogenic risks and appraises the efficacy and safety of drug therapies and treatments to prevent the development of cancer.

Their groundbreaking studies on formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and benzene have led to regulatory changes on a global level.

Another reason for the public relations failure of Monsanto is the sheer number of expert scientists and entities associated with this study. The Global Glyphosate Study was conducted by an impressive team that included Bologna University, the Italian National Health Institute, George Washington State University, the Ramazzini Institute and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai in New York.

Monsanto’s ordinary strategy has been to try to discredit and disparage any institution that comes up with unflattering research – but this time, it wasn’t so easy.

Obviously, these well-respected entities present a much more difficult target than any single institute.
Scientists have defended the study, praising it as providing “solid, independent results obtained by a shared research project on which (policymakers) can confidently base risk assessments and evaluations.” The findings were called “of great importance.”

The study was also praised as a “valuable approach for trying to understand the potential negative health effects of glyphosate” also praised because it used doses comparable to what humans are exposed to in everyday environments.

18.9 billion pounds of glyphosate-based herbicides have been sprayed around the planet since 1974.

Is it really worth it?

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Boy with Obvious Psychological Issues Wins First Place in Female Sporting Event

SOTT | Jun 17, 2018 | Timothy C. Trepanier

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On your Mark... Get set... Transition.
The war on reality continues.

A story from a Connecticut high school earlier this month reports how a male to female transgender track and field athlete broke two state records.
On Monday, when Connecticut had its State Open track and field championships at Willow Brook Park, one person broke the State Open records for girls in both the 100 and 200-meter runs.

That person was a biological boy.
In the videos accompanying this story, one can clearly see how being born a biological male gives this athlete a significant physical advantage. The races are hardly even close. In the 100m race, the second place finisher was also a male to female transgender, and as a result of these two boys occupying the first two positions on the podium, two hard-working, talented, legitimately female athletes were denied an opportunity to compete in an upcoming bigger New England area competition.

As late as the winter of 2017, this newly female, now double record-breaking runner, Terry Miller, was competing on the high school boys team. While allowing for a genuine desire to change gender, we can't avoid the possibility that another factor in the decision was that this student wasn't as successful as he would have liked, and perhaps got tired of losing to runners in his own proper physical category. In that scenario, the cause célèbre of transgender activism was used to essentially cheat his way into the winners circle.

One cannot help but feel sorry for those unfortunate girls who are forced by insane and delusional state laws to compete against biological boys in their chosen sport. Understandably, several concerned parents of the girls affected have started petitions to reasonably limit gender segregated sports to a person's biological sex at birth, in order to ensure a fair and level playing field for all participants. That didn't stop the mainstream media tabloid, USA Today, from reporting on the parents' concerns as an attempted "ban against transgender athletes".

When Ideology Trumps Reality

Many on the progressive side of the political spectrum would claim that a person can identify as whatever gender they feel like, regardless of the their biological sex at birth, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else.

But the truth is that these so-called trans-female athletes are hurting people. The young girls who have trained and worked hard to earn a place in further competitions will be denied this special opportunity because some dude with mediocre athletic ability and a rather tentative grasp on reality decides one day that he wants to be a girl.

Popular Youtube vlogger Matt Christiansen does an excellent summary of the situation here.

 What is perhaps most surprising about this push towards transgender acceptance, is how the movement has been embraced by radical feminists under the guise of tolerance, diversity and inclusivity. Those left-leaning activists who are supposedly working towards empowerment and equality for women have completely undermined their movement by adopting the pernicious "anyone who feels like it can be a real woman" narrative. If any man can be a woman at any time, what does it mean to be a woman at all? Post-modern influenced subjectivism collapses under the weight of its own absurdity.

However, like many factions on the left competing for ultimate victim status, ideological subgroups are now turning against each other in a cannibalistic frenzy. There is a group of radical feminists who vociferously oppose the inclusion of men in dresses into their definition of what it means to be female. These ladies are known as TERF's (or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) and they made the news earlier this year in Vancouver.

The Sport of Politics

© Morgane Oger
And the World's Least Believable Drag Queen Award goes to...
One such TERF activist found herself in hot water at a local #MeToo women's march when she sparked the ire of transgender politician Morgane Oger, by carrying a sign which read...
"Transwomen are men. Truth is not hate. Don't believe the hype — trans ideology is misogyny and homophobic. Woman is not a 'feeling,' a costume, or a performance of a stereotype. Woman is a biological reality. There is no ethical or moral reason to lie to soothe the male ego."
Oger, the BC candidate for the province's NDP party, sent out a series of hysterical tweets asking her supporters to expose this woman's personal information online and threatening her with discrimination and human rights lawsuits.

Ms. Oger, an obvious attention whore with deep seated psychologically-distorted identity issues, made news again last week when an activist judge ruled against a Christian protestor who distributed leaflets during the last provincial election questioning her imaginary transgender status...
"Ms. [sic] Oger was a candidate in the 2017 provincial election. During her [sic] candidacy, Mr. Whatcott distributed hundreds of flyers in her [sic] riding. The flyers were titled 'Transgenderism vs. Truth in Vancouver‐False Creek.' They described Ms. [sic] Oger as a 'biological male who has renamed himself... after he embraced a transvestite lifestyle.'

"Ronan is running for the NDP in the Vancouver-False Creek riding and BC's media and the NDP are promoting a false narrative that Ronan is a woman born into a male body," the flyer explained.

"But the truth is Ronan's DNA will always be male, he will never have a uterus, and no amount of cosmetic surgery, fake hormones, or media propaganda is going to be able to change those facts," the flyer continued.

Whatcott stated in his flyer his concern "about the promotion and growth of homosexuality and transvestitism in British Columbia and how it is obscuring the immutable truth about our God given gender." He called switching gender an "impossibility," adding that it exposes people to harm.

Oger, who lost the election, filed a complaint with the B.C. Tribunal in May, 2017, alleging that Whatcott's flyer was "discriminatory" and exposed transgender people to "hatred and contempt."

When Whatcott and his lawyer attempted to defend the truth of the flyer, namely that Oger was, in fact, a biological male, Tribunal member Devyn Cousineau would have none of it.

Cousineau ruled that "the 'truth' of the statements in the flyer is not a defence."
It is a sad day for democracy and society as a whole when the 'Truth' can no longer be used as a legitimate defence in a public court.

Trans-Degeneracy Abounds

And since today is Father's Day, there's this heartwarming story coming from CNN...

CNN lauds courageous self-multilating parent as a symbol of ideal fatherhood
He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man. [...]

Sabastion, 24, is a transgender man who lives with his wife Angel in suburban Atlanta. Assigned the female gender at birth, he began transitioning five years ago . It's a process that felt more complete last month when he had surgery to remove his breasts.
That poor child. What fresh hell awaits him in this life?

Make no mistake, with all this gender-bending, fluid-identity subjective progressive nonsense creeping its way into our society and being lawfully forced upon the public by ideological possessed liberal elites, the left is playing a very dangerous game. It is a game whose disastrous repercussions are not only likely but as history shows, deadly and inevitable.

A game with no winners at all.

A longtime contributor to Sott.net, Timothy C. Trepanier received his degree in Pharmacy from the University of Alberta and is a former owner of the Rabbit Hole bookstore in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. He's retired and living on an acreage with his beautiful wife, Miss Pearls the cat, Banjo the dog, and three suspicious chickens.

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The Bilderberg Plan to Force Us on the Digital Grid

TruthStream Media | Jun 15, 2018

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‘Second you contradict the narrative, they threaten to kill you' – US journo on Venezuelan protests

RT | Jun 7, 2018

A political TV show reporter has been threatened over her coverage of anti-government protests in Venezuela last month. Abby Martin, the co-producer of The Empire Files, started to receive death threats, saying she would be lynched. Venezuela has been gripped by protests since the beginning of 2017, resulting in dozens of people being killed.

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Media Scoundrels Urge Coup d’Etat in Venezuela

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Media scoundrels violate core principles of what journalism is supposed to be – displaying  shocking contempt for truth-telling.

Serving as press agents for wealth, power and privilege, their mission is deceiving news consumers, not informing them, suppressing what’s most important to report, substituting disinformation, Big Lies and fake news.

Major media press freedom in America and other Western nations is pure fantasy. Journalist AJ Liebling once said it’s “only for those who own one.”

Michael Parenti’s book titled “Inventing Reality” was the first comprehensive critique of the news media, explaining how it “manipulate(s) the public’s perception of reality,” serving wealth and powerful interests exclusively.

In their book titled “Guardians of Power,” David Cromwell and David Edwards said major media today are in crisis.

Free and open Western societies don’t exist. Fiction substitutes for facts. News is carefully filtered, dissent marginalized, silenced in the mainstream. Supporting powerful interests substitutes for full and accurate reporting.

Wars of aggression are called liberation ones, humanitarian intervention, responsibility to protect, and democracy building.

Civil liberties are suppressed for our own good. Patriotism means going along with policies demanding condemnation – harming and exploiting most people so privileged ones can benefit at their expense.

In their book on the media titled “Manufacturing Consent,” Ed Herman and Noam Chomsky explained the propaganda model, saying news and information pass through a set of “filters.”
Unacceptable “raw material” parts are suppressed. “(O)nly the cleansed residue fit to print  (and broadcast on-air)” reaches the public. 

What the New York Times calls “All The News That’s Fit to Print” isn’t fit to read – sanitized rubbish, what’s most important left out.

The Times and other major media provide gatekeeper services for institutions of power, manipulating the public mind, defending the indefensible, justifying the unjustifiable, treating readers and viewers like mushrooms – well-watered and in the dark.

The Times and CIA house organ Foreign Policy magazine openly called for toppling Venezuela’s legitimate government by coup d’etat.

Regimes in Washington since the Clinton co-presidency have waged undeclared political and economic war on the country, causing enormous hardships for its people in recent years, falsely blaming its democratically elected government for what’s inflicted on the nation from abroad – wanting fascist tyranny replacing the hemisphere’s model social democracy.

Venezuela’s open, free and fair electoral process is the world’s best, shaming America’s sham system, a money-controlled one-party state with two right wings, taking turns governing – deploring democracy, opposing governance serving everyone equitably, waging imperial wars and color revolutions for unchallenged global dominance, supporting corporate empowerment, along with police state harshness on nonbelievers.

In May, Nicolas Maduro won another six-year term overwhelmingly with two-thirds majority support – a process scores of international monitors from 30 countries called open, free and fair.

The Trump regime shamefully rejected the results. So did media scoundrels. New York Times editors called the election a “sham” – a bald-faced lie.

Disgracefully they roared “(t)he question is how to get rid of Mr. Maduro before he completes the destruction of his country” – falsely blaming him for suffocating misery inflicted on its people by US political and economic war.

Instead of denouncing it, Times editors support efforts to topple Venezuela’s democratically elected government. “It’s clear that Mr. Maduro must go,” they roared – added proof that the self-styled newspaper of record is a national disgrace.

Neocon Jose Cardenas was the Bush/Cheney regime’s USAID assistant administrator for Latin America.

In a Foreign Policy op-ed, he openly called for a “coup in Venezuela,” saying “(o)nly nationalists in the military can restore a legitimate constitutional democracy” – code language for wanting money-controlled fascist tyranny replacing Bolivarian social democracy.

Venezuela’s problem is it has too much of what Washington, supportive media scoundrels and hardliners like Cardenas want eliminated, including its sovereign independence US neocons tolerate nowhere.

Falsely claiming Maduro “engineered his re-election,” saying “reasonable observers” called the outcome “a sham vote,” Cardinas urged the Trump regime and its allies to forcibly oust him – wanting Venezuela’s military to do its dirty work.

Bipartisan neocons run America, waging endless wars on humanity at home and abroad, opposing democratic governance, seeking global hegemony, destroying fundamental freedoms, deploring governance serving everyone equitably.

Venezuela and other sovereign independent nations stand in the way of Washington achieving its aims – why they’re targeted for regime change.

In Venezuela, the grand prize is all its oil, the world’s largest reserves, exceeding Saudi Arabia’s, what Washington wants control over to exploit.

Media scoundrels like the NYT and WaPo-owned Foreign Policy support its hegemonic agenda – no matter the human cost, pretending the replacement of Bolivarian fairness serving all Venezuelans equitably with fascist tyranny is democracy building.

US bipartisan rage for global dominance, seeking control over world resources and populations, resembles Nazi Germany’s agenda – wrapped in the American flag, pretending its mission is noble, ignoring enormous harm inflicted on countless millions at home and abroad.

Dark forces run America. Media scoundrels serve their interests – supporting what demands condemnation, a diabolical agenda no just societies tolerate.

Humanity’s greatest threat exists in Washington and capitals of its rogue allies – not in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Damascus, Pyongyang, Caracas, or seats of power in other sovereign independent nations.

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